Advertising your organisation with WorkingAbroad

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We offer a variety of advertising options on our website - Featured Volunteer Organisations, TEFL & Teaching Abroad Projects, Banner Ads and WorkingAbroad Database Listings.

To find out more, please download a copy of our advertising brochure by clicking here, or scroll down for further details.

Featured Volunteer Organisations / TEFL & Teaching Abroad Project Listings

Get a bespoke featured Volunteer Organisation or TEFL & Teaching Abroad Project listing in a prime position on WorkingAbroad with unlimited text and up to 10 photos displayed in a photo gallery, including a section dedicated for Volunteer or Student Testimonials, as well as full contact details, email address, website, social networking contacts and trackable contact form.  Opportunities also to embed YouTube clips and other media on your page. New listings get a "new" across the image and are pinned at the top of the page for a 3 month period. To view examples of how your page may look, please visit Featured Volunteer Organisations or TEFL & Teaching Abroad Projects.  For further details, email

  • Featured Volunteer Organisation listings cost £39.60 per month (includes VAT)
  • TEFL Organisation listings cost £48 per month (includes VAT)

We offer a discount of 1 month free if you sign up for 12 months. Further discounts are also available if you want to combine both a database & featured or TEFL listing, please ask for details.

Banner Ads

Get featured throughout our whole site including homepage and top landing pages. This means your ad will be seen tens of thousands of times per month by our visitors. Your banner ad can link directly to your own website or any other URL you wish. We have in place a CMS system which enables you to set your own budget according to the number of clickthroughs to your website you want. You will only be charged when someone clicks on your ad. You will also be provided with CMS logins so you can independently monitor, verify and evaluate your own ad performance stats and click throughs. You can either get a top or side banner or both. Our ad tracking system features robust tools to ensure each clickthrough your banner receives is verified and real. For more info on this please click here.

We charge varied amounts per click your ad receives, depending on your budget, meaning that organisations paying for a greater number of clicks will receive a better price per click. Our pricing is as follows:

  • Spend 10 GBP up to 25 GBP, and you will receive 1.5 clicks for every pound you spend, rounded to the nearest click
  • Spend 26 GBP up to 50 GBP, and you will receive 2 clicks for every pound you spend
  • Spend 51 GBP up to 100 GBP, and you will receive 2.5 clicks for every pound you spend
  • Contact us for spends of 101 GBP plus, rates negotiable. We also offer a fixed rate cost of £288 (includes VAT) per banner for 1 year, with no limit to the clicks you receive.

There is no time limit to running an ad on our site, such that once you have set your budget, the ad will run until that budget is reached, and then be paused automatically. Our site receives thousands of visitors per month, so you will not have to worry about reaching your budget in a reasonable timeframe. 

For further details, email

Premium Listings on the WorkingAbroad database

We offer Gold, Silver and Bronze Premium database listings.  With a premium listing your organisation profile is visible to the public, and is also highlighted on our database homepage. Volunteers can click on your organisation profile and will be able to view all of your projects in one place. Furthermore, any projects you add using your organisation profile will be highlighted, featured and placed at the top in search results, and volunteers will be able to find your organisation profile by clicking through from a project. Premium listings include a photo gallery on your organisation page, a higher text limit of 750 words, and the ability to link directly to your website and your social networking pages and your individual projects pages can be linked directly to your external URL on your website.Advertising opportunities with Working Abroad and list your volunteer projects for free  See a screenshot example of a Gold listing to the right.

  • Gold Listings are at the top of the database homepage in prime position where you have a large photo banner with text - at £36 per month (Includes VAT)
  • Silver Listings are in second place directly beneath Gold listings with small photo/logo and text - at £24 per month (Includes VAT)
  • Bronze Listings are below and are rotated amongst other bronze listings with logo and text - at £18.70 per month (Includes VAT)

We offer a discount of 1 month free if you sign up for 12 months. Further discounts are also available if you want to combine both a database & featured or TEFL listing, please ask for details.

For all new organisations, we are offering a trial premium listing free of charge for 2 weeks

To find out more or to request a Free 2 week Premium Trial listing, please email: