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Country: Brazil,
Type: Humanitarian & Community Development , Teaching & Education, Working with children,

Experimento Brazil would like to introduce you to a multicultural nation of creative, vibrant and warm people. You are invited to live and work with people influenced by African, Native American, European and Asian cultures. Although Brazil is the ninth richest economy in the world, it is one of the poorest in terms of human development. Volunteers can make a difference by working with non-governmental organizations throughout the country. projects in Florianopolis, Monte Alegre do Sul and Rio de Janeiro are amongst the possibilities.

VIP has established and developed very good relationships with non-governmental and independent organizations all over Brazil, resulting in many volunteer project possibilities. Your project will be selected based on your interests to make the best possible match. Here are some sample projects divided into three different areas:

  • Education - Children are easy targets for drug dealers and people who exploit kids, especially the ones who live in poor neighborhoods.  In order to occupy children's time, there are a lot of projects with their focus on teaching the kids sports, foreign language, arts & crafts, and several other activities.  These programs take place after school and and while parents are working so that kids are not left alone or on the street learning the wrong things.
  • Social Services - Brazil is a country with one of the world's largest social and economic gaps. Many people don't have enough money for food and other basic needs. The situation often worsens due to special needs of a disabled family member.
  • Helping People with Special Needs-Just as in other countries, Brazil has people who need special care in order to participate in the society.  We work with two different projects - one is a cooperative of workers and the other provides education to those in need so that they can livenormally and overcome life's obstacles.


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Contact: Gabriela Junqueira, VIP Outbound Programs

Av. Faria Lima, 1.800-Edificio Liege Floor: Pilotis

Sao Paulo, SP


Telephone 1: 55 11 3035-0518

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