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Country: Chile,
Type: Humanitarian & Community Development , Manual work / Construction, Teaching & Education, Working with children,

Chile’s recent history has been dominated with extremes of political and economic upheaval. Though it now appears to be one of the fastest growing economies in the region, there are still more than three million Chileans living in poverty. Volunteering in Chile is an open invitation to rediscover and get to know yourself while learning from local culture and people. Improve your Spanish language skills and admire a country of breathtaking natural beauties and extremes.

VIP Chile has relationships with NGO's, government and private institutions devoted to the improvement of human living conditions for those in need. All of our projects demand the solving of daily unexpected challenges. A positive, flexible, loving and devoted attitude is always appreciated by those involved in service projects - especially by the host communities.

  • Social and Welfare Services Projects -Social and Welfare projects include a wide range of opportunities to develop and provide tools for those in need. Social gap and discrimination in Chile have resulted in a number of problems that require an immediate effort and commitment to build up dignified lives for those who suffer or live in extreme poverty. Daily care, assistance, school support, project management, fund raising initiatives and others proposals to work and help directly with target groups and institutions that include people from orphanages, children, the elderly, homeless people among others.
  • Public Health Projects - This is an NGO with headquarters in Santiago, Chile that claims college and high school students and professionals to enroll in its lines and help them to built wooden-made basic houses ('mediagua', in Spanish) in order to give the most needed families in the continent a small but effective house to improve their standards of life.
  • Working with the Mentally Disabled -Chile's most important institution that works for the integration and care of children with mental, physical and intellectual disabilities with a special focus on those coming from poor families. This organization has different branches throughout Chile. Most of them are located around Santiago de Chile in different areas.Coanil Servicios works for the integration to society and work.
  • We will customize an opportunity for you depending on your interests and skills. Come meet our knowledgeable and friendly staff to determine how you can best contribute.


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Contact: Claudio Le Roy, Outbound Programs

of. 1602 Barros Errazuriz 1954

Providencia Santiago ,Region Metropolitana, Chile


Telephone 1: 56 2 481 6620

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