Coach Sports to Children in Schools & Sports Clubs in New Zealand

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Country: New Zealand,
Type: Teaching & Education, Working with children,

Coach sports to children in Clubs and schools in New Zealand. You can assist, develop and play a specific sport, or many different sports - the choice is yours! You'll teach disadvantaged children at a school in the mornings as well as offering much needed help in the classroom. In the afternoons and evenings, you'll coach in a Sports Club of your choice. The Sports available include: Athletics, Baseball, Cricket, Gymnastics, Hockey, Rugby and Tennis.

This project provides you with a diverse experience in that your activities will take place in two locations and will also give you the opportunity to coach other sports as well:

  • During the mornings and early afternoons, for about 4-5 hours every day, you'll bring very welcome sports coaching skills in the School Sports project. This project takes place in a school in one of the suburbs of Auckland and here you'll coach a variety of sports to children from the Maori community and immigrant children from other countries.

  • You'll spend your afternoons and evenings coaching and/or training at a Sports Club of your choice in Auckland.

The School Sports Project will take place during the day. For this element of your programme, you will be working at a school located in Auckland. The school has children from a variety of backgrounds and countries such as Maori children and children from Sudan and Somalia who are refugees, as well as children from other lower economic countries such as Samoa and Tonga. The school has good facilities that will enable you to coach a variety of different sports. 

There are a wide number of sports available to coach on this project and you will be involved in a wide range of sporting activities, giving you great diversity. The sports are generally coached by season, but if you wanted to coach a sport that was not in season, or if you wanted to introduce a new sport to the children, the school would welcome it as long as it was of benefit to the children. Each school offers different sports so if there was a particular sport that you were interested in coaching please let us know and we will make arrangements for this.

The sports vary with each term, as follows:
Term 1: Tennis, Cricket, Athletics
Term 2: Rugby Union & League, Football, Hockey, Netball 
Term 3: Rugby League, Football, Netball 
Term 4: Athletics, Cricket, Cross Country & Football.

This element of your programme will take place in the late afternoons and evenings where you'll have the opportunity to coach and train at a sports club in Auckland. We work with a wide variety of sports clubs, so no matter what field your skills lie in, you will be able to coach and train in your field. Coaching and playing sport at a Kiwi sports club will give you a real insight into the Kiwi sporting culture.

These Sports include:

  • Athletics
  • Baseball
  • Cricket
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Tennis


The school dates for 2014 are:
Term 1: 27th Jan / 7th Feb –17th April
Term 2: 5th May – 4th July 
Term 3: 21st July – 26th Sep
Term 4: 13th Oct – 19th Dec

The school dates for 2015 are:
Term 1: 2nd Feb –2nd April
Term 2: 5th 20th April – 3rd July
Term 3: 20th July – 25th Sep
Term 4: 12th Oct – 15th/18th Dec

Anyone working with children and/or vulnerable adults is required to complete a Criminal Records Check (CRC) as part of their application process. We'll provide you with the necessary papers and take you through the process.

You'll live in a centrally located hostel that is friendly and relaxing, making it ideal for long-term stays. You will be sharing a room with other volunteers. There is a communal kitchen and storage area for cooking meals and plenty of space to relax.

Entertainment at your accommodation includes cheap internet access, TV and free pool table. You are literally a stroll from the Sky Tower, harbor and waterfront.

Food is not provided on this project, but Auckland has restaurants to suit all tastes - the most popular cuisine is New Zealand lamb which can be ordered at many restaurants around the city and is well worth it. 

4 Weeks £1,395
6 Weeks £1,795
8 Weeks £2,195
10 Weeks £2,595
12 Weeks £2,995
Extra Weeks £200

Start Dates
All year round, subject to school term dates and holidays - you choose your start and finish dates!

4 weeks to 6 months, subject to visa requirements

Minimum age 18, no qualifications necessary. If you're teaching English, you must be fluent in English.

What's included
►Arranging your Programme
►Full pre-departure support and assistance
►Payment Protection Insurance
►Meeting you at the nearest Airport 
►Transfer to your accommodation 


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Telephone 1: 0207 193 6835 (From within the UK) or +44 (0) 207 193 6835 (From outside of the UK)


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