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Country: China,
Type: Teaching & Education, Working with children,

China is a huge country with the world's largest population. It is a land rich in culture, traditions, and technological advances dating back more than 40 centuries. An early producer of paper, gunpowder and silk, China has brought its modern economy forward by leaps and bounds. With increased foreign investment, a growing middle class and globalization at its door, both urban and rural populations have a strong desire to interact with foreign volunteers to learn to speak English. In settings throughout the country, volunteers will have opportunities to teach English and learn Chinese, and learn about China from the inside.

VIP China teaching projects aim to provide language instruction where it is most needed. The age range of students will vary from primary grades through high school. Facilities also vary, from urban to rural, and from well equiped and staffed to poorly funded. At every project location, volunteers will gain teaching experience and participate in an active exchange of cultures. The knowledgeable and engaging staff on the ground in China will find a placement that really works for you.

 Some Sample Teaching Projects:


  • Su Zhou -An historic city and renowned tourist attraction, Suzhou is located in the southeast part of Jiangsu Province in the middle of the Yangtze River Delta. The city of Suzhou was planned in 514 BC, and today still maintains many of its ancient features. Canals serve as navigable waterways along with land transportation, and there are many bridges, classical gardens and traditionally styled homes.The primary school in Suzhou was founded in 1995 and now has 33 classes and nearly 1400 pupils. The school has developed a distinctive science and technology focus throughout the curriculum.Volunteers will teach from 11 to 15 lessons per week, each lasting about 40 minutes.
  • Mian Yang City -The second largest city in the west part of Sichuan province, Mianyang is the provincial capital. It is an ancient city and the home of many celebrities from China's history, such as Li Bai, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty, and Wen Tong, a significant painter in ancient times. VIP is working with the Bureau of Education in Mianyang and offers placements at levels from kindergarten to secondary grades.

    The secondary school is located at the city center where it has been in operation for 50 years. There are 150 teachers and 2600 students in the school today. Volunteers are needed to teach 15 lessons per week to about 60 students. Accommodations will be a shared flat about 15 minutes walk from the school. Three meals per day will be provided at the school from Monday through Friday.

  • Shanghai-Shanghai is a dynamic, diverse and stimulating city - the very epitome of modern China. Located on China's central eastern coast, it was originally a fishing and textiles town. It is now emerging as a tourist destination renowned for historical landmarks, its modern and ever-expanding skyline and as a modern center of culture and finance.

    Volunteers will teach at levels from kindergarten to high school at schools throughout the city, using standard textbooks as well as teaching lessons of their own design. Many Shanghai students have proficiency at some level of English grammar, but are often unfamiliar with pronunciation and conversational language. Volunteers will focus on this while boosting the confidence of their students during the 11-15 lessons per week.

  • Zhengzhou- Zhengzhou is a famous throughout China and abroad for its historical and cultural significance, as well as for its natural and scenic beauty. "The green city in the central plains", Zhengzhou is home to Shoaling Temple, Songshan National Forest Park, many tourist attractions of cultural importance as well as mountains, rivers, and recreational sites. Zhengzhou also has a mild climate and four distinct seasons.

    In Zhengzhou there is a beautiful middle school located in Tongbai Road, the Zhengzhou No.42 middle school. This school belongs to the City Education Department and has 24 classes and more than 1400 students. The school is widely know for its foreign language classes, high levels of math achievement, excellent teachers and varied student activities.


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Contact: Jiong (Jessie) Duanmu, Director-VIP China

Room 2506, B Block (Everwin Garden) Lane 521, Wan Ping Road (South)



Telephone 1: 86 21 54590999

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