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Country: Ireland,
Type: Humanitarian & Community Development , Manual work / Construction, Teaching & Education, Working with children,

The popular image of Ireland was of a rural country with close knit communities and a slow pace of life. In the 1990’s an economic boom transformed Ireland. Wealth in Ireland is very unevenly divided, and many marginalized groups are still needy. Those with special needs, young people at risk, and older people in Ireland are finding difficulty meeting their needs. There is rising conflict between those wishing to progress the economic boom and infrastructure and those wishing to preserve Ireland ’s unique natural and cultural heritage.

By choosing to volunteer in Ireland with VIP you will make an immeasurable contribution to the efforts of projects aiming to tackle some of the most critical issues facing Ireland at this time.

  • Assisting those with Disabilities- VIP works with one of the longest established organisations offering services to those with physical disabilities in Ireland – Cheshire Ireland which has 19 service centres throughout Ireland. Cheshire Ireland, in partnership with service users and statutory and voluntary agencies, provide quality accommodation and support services to adults with primarily physical disabilities.
  • Environmental and Conservation Projects-VIP offers placements in a range of environmental and conservation organisations whose aims range from increasing environmental awareness to actual conservation of buildings, gardens and the protection of natural heritage. Volunteering in one of these projects means that those passionate about conservation and the environment can make a real difference. Programme length : 1-3 months
  • Assisting the Homeless- It is estimated that up to 10,000 people experience homelessness in Ireland each year. Sample Project- The Simon Community is a caring and campaigning movement that has been working with homeless people in Ireland since 1969. The community approaches the issue of homelessness in two ways. On one level they offer accommodation and care to homeless people in a warm and accepting community. At a broader level they try to challenge Irish society to accept responsibility for tackling the root causes of homelessness and for designing long-term strategies for its elimination.
  • Community Work in Resource Centres- Volunteers can be placed in community resource centers which work to create and encourage a place where people can gather to relax and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere while providing services to people in their local community.


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Contact: Anton Kieffer, Programme Manager

1 Empress Place Summerhill

North Cork, Ireland


Telephone 1: 353 021 4551535

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