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Country: Albania,
Type: Medical & Health Care, Teaching & Education, Working with children,
Organisation: Volunteers for International Partnership

With a landscape including rugged mountains and a lengthy stretch of Adriatic coastline, Albania is home to a rich blend of religions and cultures. After World War II, Albania remained staunchly isolationist until its transition to democracy after 1990. The 1992 elections ended 47 years of communist rule, but the latter half of the decade saw a quick turnover of presidents and prime ministers. While there have been signs of economic progress with inflation under tighter control and some growth, the country remains one of the poorest in Europe. Unemployment is high and poverty widespread.

VIP works with a number of NGOs and host organizations all over Albania. Available Host Projects reflect changing needs and priorities and may vary from those shown. After you apply, we work closely with your Sending Country and our Host Project organizations to find an appropriate placement that best matches your skills, preferences and capabilities. In some cases your volunteer placement will not be finalized until after you have visited on-going projects during your in-country orientation. Opportunities are available in many areas for volunteer service such as:

  • Community Service 
  • Language Instruction
  • Health Education and Welfare Services
  • Education & Childcare                                     

Come try VIP and let us help you to find a meaningful way to contribute in Albania.


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Contact: Altin Qefalia, Director

Vedat Kokona Street, No.76/2



Telephone 1: 355 42 378724

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Projects by this Organisation

  • Healing with Horses in Mexico

    Healing with Horses in Mexico

    Cuadra Don Antonio, founded as a stable which main objective was the promotion of the care and respect of horses. Cuadra Don Antonio sponsors horse therapies for kids with special who come from a disadvantage background. Low income families can apply for the service, and under a means test scheme they receive the service almost for free. Special needs kids who live under the care of the state receive this therapy for free.

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  • Volunteer in Mexico!

    Volunteer in Mexico!

    Mexico is a land of contrasts. 50% of the population lives barely above the poverty line, and 28% of the population in rural areas live in conditions of extreme poverty. Yet, Mexico is a country rich in natural resources and is the 10th largest economy in the world. Volunteering in Mexico focuses on those living in poverty. You can make a valuable contribution in communities that are in danger of being left behind as a result of poverty, abuse of the environment and the lack of economic opportunities.

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  • The majesty of Thailand

    The majesty of Thailand

    The kingdom of Thailand draws travelers from all over the world with its renowned hospitality, delectable cuisine, and breath-taking natural retreats. The mountainous region of the north contains a host of ancient ruins and the southern region is lined with stunning beaches and tropical islands for hundreds of miles.

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  • Teach in Morocco: English, French and Computer skills

    Teach in Morocco: English, French and Computer skills

    While public schools in Morocco are free of charge and mandatory (but not enforced), it is still the case that many children do not receive an education. Volunteers are required to help with their informal education. You can assist in organizing language training sessions for instructors, teaching English or French, or teaching computer skills.

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  • Come to Thailand for the Art Relief International Project

    Come to Thailand for the Art Relief International Project

    Art Relief International provides a voice for individuals by exploring various creative means, including visual, performance and experimental arts. Art Relief International volunteers can expect to play a large role in many projects.

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  • Teaching Conversational English in the Municipality of Shkrel, among the Albanian Alps

    Teaching Conversational English in the Municipality of Shkrel, among the Albanian Alps

    This volunteer project is based in Northern Albania among the Albanian Alps. Volunteers will be working in community schools in villages nestled in valleys between the mountains that cut through the clouds, preserving a simple and traditional way of life.

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  • Leades Environmental Awareness Project in Ireland

    Leades Environmental Awareness Project in Ireland

    The 250-acre Leades House estate was owned by the Woodley family from the mid-17th century to 1981, when it was purchased by the Wolfe family. In 1997 work began on the deteriorating house and gardens to restore them to their former grandeur. The main activities at Leades House focus on environmental awareness and programmes are offered to visitors to learn about the related topics.

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  • Wildlife Sea Turtles Saving in Guatemala

    Wildlife Sea Turtles Saving in Guatemala

    Sea turtles are now endangered species who need constant protection from poachers, pollution and the developing world. As a volunteer you will be working in a sea turtle conservation project that works toward helping these great animals survive and thrive on the Guatemalan coast.

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  • The Influence of India

    The Influence of India

    The world's largest democracy, India is also one of the world's oldest civilizations. Its unique cultural heritage is everywhere in evidence. It is a predominately Hindu country, with social and religious structures that have survived centuries of outside influence. India is also massively overpopulated (with over 1 billion people), and suffers from serious problems related to poverty and environmental degradation. Voluntary organizations play an important role in addressing these problems, and volunteers are always in demand.

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  • Ireland Awaits you!

    Ireland Awaits you!

    The popular image of Ireland was of a rural country with close knit communities and a slow pace of life. In the 1990’s an economic boom transformed Ireland. Wealth in Ireland is very unevenly divided, and many marginalized groups are still needy. Those with special needs, young people at risk, and older people in Ireland are finding difficulty meeting their needs. There is rising conflict between those wishing to progress the economic boom and infrastructure and those wishing to preserve Ireland ’s unique natural and cultural heritage.

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  • Volunteer in Guatemala!

    Volunteer in Guatemala!

    In Guatemala it is possible to live in a modern environment yet experience the magic and enchantment of a legendary past. Guatemala is a very diverse country with a vibrant heritage of Mayan culture and language. But it is also a country struggling to overcome vast social problems and where the majority live in extreme poverty.

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  • Ecuador is waiting to get to know you

    Ecuador is waiting to get to know you

    "You can breakfast in the mountains, lunch in the cloud forest, and enjoy the beach, all in one day". Ecuador, the second smallest country in South America tucked in between Colombia and Peru, occupies a mere 0.19% of the planet´s continental mass yet is one of the world´s most megadiverse countries. It hosts 18% of the world´s bird species, over 4,500 species of orchids, and 10% of the world´s plants.

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  • Come to China and Volunteer

    Come to China and Volunteer

    China is a huge country with the world's largest population. It is a land rich in culture, traditions, and technological advances dating back more than 40 centuries. An early producer of paper, gunpowder and silk, China has brought its modern economy forward by leaps and bounds. With increased foreign investment, a growing middle class and globalization at its door, both urban and rural populations have a strong desire to interact with foreign volunteers to learn to speak English. In settings throughout the country, volunteers will have opportunities to teach English and learn Chinese, and learn about China from the inside.

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  • Morocco…the place where shadows merge with the sunlight

    Morocco…the place where shadows merge with the sunlight

    For centuries, Morocco has been known as the place where shadows merge with sunlight and where the sky and the sea meet at the horizon. Morocco is full of vibrant colourful landscapes and natural beauty. In addition to its geographic diversity, Morocco is an ethnic mosiac with the Imazighen (the indigenous Berbers), Arabs, sub-Saharan, nomadic, Jewish, and Andalusian populations and influences. These different groups have interacted and shaped Moroccan culture and heritage. Today there are a number of NGOs open to receiving volunteers in Morocco

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  • Volunteer in Nepal and love it!

    Volunteer in Nepal and love it!

    Nepal is a country of extraordinary diversity, ranging from the tropical Terai lowlands at near sea level, through lush jungles, up to the towering peak of Mount Everest. Endless opportunities exist for adventure and exploration in the regions surrounding VIP's established volunteer project areas.

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  • Be a Volunteer in Brazil!

    Be a Volunteer in Brazil!

    Experimento Brazil would like to introduce you to a multicultural nation of creative, vibrant and warm people. You are invited to live and work with people influenced by African, Native American, European and Asian cultures. Although Brazil is the ninth richest economy in the world, it is one of the poorest in terms of human development. Volunteers can make a difference by working with non-governmental organizations throughout the country. projects in Florianopolis, Monte Alegre do Sul and Rio de Janeiro are amongst the possibilities.

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  • Volunteer and love it in Argentina!

    Volunteer and love it in Argentina!

    Argentina is the 2nd largest country in South America and the 8th largest in the world. Historically, Argentina has had a large middle class compared to other Latin American countries, but a succession of economic crises has significantly reduced its numbers. Today, the segment of the population that remains financially well off stands in sharp contrast with millions who live with economic hardships or in poverty. VIP offers you opportunities throughout Argentina to volunteer in education, social services, and child care to help improve the lives of those most affected by economic hardship.

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  • Nigeria


    Nigeria is the heart of West Africa and the most populous country on the continent. Partly due to an incredible diversity of cultures - there are over 450 ethnic dialects - Nigeria has never succeeded in becoming a truly unified and stable state. Though currently run by a democratically elected government, underlying ethnic and religious tensions remain. Widespread poverty is at the root of many of Nigeria’s current problems. Volunteering in Nigeria is a challenging but rewarding opportunity for those who want a genuine experience of modern Africa.

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  • Discover Peru! Discover yourself!

    Discover Peru! Discover yourself!

    Located at the Tropic of Capricorn, Peru is one of the places on the planet with the greatest natural diversity: its varied ecological zones boast thousands of species of plants and animals. Experiment Peru is located in the heart of the Andes, at 3,450 m (11,300 ft) above sea level, in the city of Cusco. This ancient capital of the Incas, later became part of the Spanish American empire for 3 centuries. Now its streets and traditional buildings reflect this dual heritage.

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  • Go to Ghana! Be a part of something great!

    Go to Ghana! Be a part of something great!

    VIP invites you to explore Ghana and to learn about its people and culture while also contributing to its growth and development. Since March 2001, when the Government took the bold step of taking advantage of the Enhanced Highly Indebted Poor Countries initiative, more funds have been released for social sector spending and poverty reduction programs. However, an enormous amount of work still needs to be done to bring about an improved economic future for the majority of Ghana's citizens.

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  • Turkey!


    Turkey has been the birthplace of many great civilizations and is located at a point where Asia, Africa and Europe are closest to each other. In Turkey you can see landscapes of incredible natural beauty and villages with architecture from Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman times. You will also find people in varying economic conditions, with many in need of basics - from adequate nutrition, to education and social services. Volunteers contribute to worthwhile causes while meeting new people, learning valuable work, life skills and becoming part of Turkish community life.

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  • Volunteer in the USA

    Volunteer in the USA

    The United States is home to diverse people, cultures, foods, weather, and geographical terrain. Each part of the country is unique in its way of life, its people, and its specific needs. Whether you live in a big city or a small country town during your service project, you will learn about American culture by experiencing what many Americans themselves experience in their daily life. We want to invite you to see the USA through volunteer programs in education, environmental conservation, social welfare, immigrant support programs, and community building.

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  • Chile Welcomes You!

    Chile Welcomes You!

    Chile’s recent history has been dominated with extremes of political and economic upheaval. Though it now appears to be one of the fastest growing economies in the region, there are still more than three million Chileans living in poverty. Volunteering in Chile is an open invitation to rediscover and get to know yourself while learning from local culture and people. Improve your Spanish language skills and admire a country of breathtaking natural beauties and extremes.

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