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Country: Peru,
Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation, Humanitarian & Community Development , Teaching & Education, Working with children,

Located at the Tropic of Capricorn, Peru is one of the places on the planet with the greatest natural diversity: its varied ecological zones boast thousands of species of plants and animals. Experiment Peru is located in the heart of the Andes, at 3,450 m (11,300 ft) above sea level, in the city of Cusco. This ancient capital of the Incas, later became part of the Spanish American empire for 3 centuries. Now its streets and traditional buildings reflect this dual heritage.

Projects are available in different cities and villages around Peru. Volunteers have the opportunity to work at schools, medical centers,ecological reserves and day care centers. Projects can be found in rural areas as well as in the city of Cusco. Volunteers should be prepared to be flexible with regard to their project placement.

  • Education/Special Education 
  • Health
  • Conservation
  • Community Development

Experiment Peru offers the opportunity of a full intercultural experience through living with a host family.  This coexistence offers exchange in communication, food, customs and mutual respect.

If you want to practice and improve your language skills, the language immersion with a local family is your best option.  Our families are located in urban areas, allowing the participant to have access to some limited comfort and a private room.

We also offer the experience of living with a family in a rural area, which allows you to share a more basic life style and more traditional set of customs, as well as the opportunity to discover the Andean countryside and experience a unique closeness with South America's most majestic mountain environment.

Our homestay families may not offer the same amount of comfort that you are used to in your own home.  It is an important part of your volunteering that you should be prepared to adapt to these new living conditions.


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Contact: Viviana Pujada, Programs Director

Calle Nueva Baja 560

Cusco Peru

Telephone 1: 51 84 249737

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