Sports Coaching & Beach Lifeguard Volunteering in Ghana

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Country: Ghana,
Type: Humanitarian & Community Development , Medical & Health Care, Teaching & Education, Working with children,

Work with children from various deprived backgrounds, including orphans, street children and children with disabilities. Help by developing their talent and offering them care, support and education. The Sports coaching Volunteer Programme operates in and around the city centers. Opportunities also to work alongside a team of local lifesavers to ensure the safety of the visitors in the sea, which can be rough and dangerous.

During your sports coaching program, you will have the opportunity to take part in the following programme activities:

  • Assist coaches in football classes through skill development, coordination skills, game preparation and training drills.
  • Help in the organization of training sessions and competitions
  • Referee short games for children at the project and in the local community
  • Give advice and lessons on tactics
  • Teach new sports exercises and provide advice on health issues and requirements
  • Take part in Football, Rugby, Volleyball and Basket ball camps and local tournaments(if there is any during your stay) Optional teaching within the local schools.

In your spare hours each day you will also have the fantastic opportunity to teach within local schools in area placed. The schools will vary in their facilities, but generally consist of a few classrooms with wooden desks and a blackboard, so there are loads of opportunities for you to be creative in your role and make the lessons memorable for the children! The human resource services required includes the following:

  • Volunteer basket ball player
  • Physiologists
  • Physical trainers
  • Dietitians
  • Professionals
  • Coaches/Club managers
  • Academy instructors
  • Volunteer footballers
  • Volunteer rugby player
  • Volunteer volleyball player

For the lifesaver/beach lifeguard programme, although the local lifesavers do an excellent job, they have received no formal training, you would therefore also be to assist with CPR and other first aid training as well as helping with their English and communication skills .Some immediate logistics requirement necessary at the Beachfront.

  •     Life Boat and Out Board Motor
  •     Life Jackets
  •     Swim Suits
  •     Oxygen Masks
  •     Watch Post Equipments
  •     Signaling Flags
  •     Whistles
  •     Tele-Monitoring Equipments
  •     Communication Equipments etc.


Contact Details

Address: os 408,Accra Ghana,West Africa.

Volunteer house,Osu Ako-Adjei,Odwira road,Accra.



Telephone 1: +233542720560

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