Teach in Morocco: English, French and Computer skills

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Country: Morocco,
Type: IT & Journalism, Teaching & Education, Working with children,

While public schools in Morocco are free of charge and mandatory (but not enforced), it is still the case that many children do not receive an education. Volunteers are required to help with their informal education. You can assist in organizing language training sessions for instructors, teaching English or French, or teaching computer skills.

Although Morocco has come a long way since gaining independence in 1956, the government and population still face a series of challenges: the illiteracy rate is over40%, and for several years, the unemployment rate remained at around 12%. Moreover, there are severe disparities between rural and urban living standards and resource availabilities.

Volunteer placements are available in non-governmental organisations in urban areas as well as in the countryside. Volunteers with some language teaching skills are needed to assist children, disabled people and women - the ones who suffer the most from illiteracy. Volunteers can also organize informal English/French classes in local villages.


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Thaqafat Association, Cross Cultural Moroccan Association Morocco

Residence Hind, 1st Floor, Apartment 4 Street Loubnane Ocean Medina

Rabat, Morocco


Telephone 1: Phone: 212 661 88-66-45

Website: http://www.partnershipvolunteers.org

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