The majesty of Thailand

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Country: Thailand,
Type: Humanitarian & Community Development , Teaching & Education, Working with children,

The kingdom of Thailand draws travelers from all over the world with its renowned hospitality, delectable cuisine, and breath-taking natural retreats. The mountainous region of the north contains a host of ancient ruins and the southern region is lined with stunning beaches and tropical islands for hundreds of miles.

Discover Thailand by getting involved in the community and lending a hand to those in need. Volunteerism in Thailand, especially in the north, focuses on disadvantaged groups like Burmese refugees children, intellectually and physically disabled persons of all ages, and former sex workers. Cultural Canvas Thailand (CCT), and it’s artistic outreach program, Art Relief International (ARI), works with these groups to provide meaningful workshops through art therapy and community assistance.

We would be very happy to arrange a volunteer placement in any of these fields:

  • Arts
  • Education 
  • Social Welfare
  • Health Services


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Cultural Canvas Thailand

PO Box 118 Chiang Mai University

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Telephone 1: 66 08 98355524


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