Volunteer at an Indian Reserve in Canada

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Country: Canada,
Type: Agriculture / Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Conservation, Humanitarian & Community Development , IT & Journalism, Manual work / Construction, Medical & Health Care, Teaching & Education, Working with children,

It is no secret that the indigenous people of Canada and the USA have had difficult times since the first colonists arrived. Finally, for the last few decades, they have had the chance to rebuilt their communities. However, there is still much work to be done. Travel to Canada and learn about real Canadian culture of the Secwepemc nations and volunteer abroad in a variety of different projects to help support their community.

Volunteer for a minimum for 4 weeks up to a maximum of 12 weeks and learn about their amazing culture.

  • Understand and help with the unique challenges faced by the Indigenous population living on a Indian Reserve!
  • Have the opportunity to learn about the traditions, language and culture of the Secwepemc Nation!
  • Work in one of the most beautiful sceneries in beautiful British Columbia.
  • Opportunities for Wildlife viewing in the surroundings or go Skiing at Sun Peaks

here are many different volunteer projects within the community that the volunteers can get involved in. Depending on your interest, background and skills these tasks/roles will be determined before your arrival.

  • Community service program support who are all under staffed and over utilized
  • Assist in the language immersion school up to grades 9
  • Daycare assistance
  • Full serve health centre assitance
  • Assist in the Education department that does career guidance
  • Help out in the Natural resources dept. that focuses on land based activities such as archeological works, fisheries forestry management and more.
  • Public Works and housing maintenance
  • Information technology deptartement
  • administration
  • Agriculture division to connect with the people
  • Recreation and events
  • Fitness facility
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Developing economic initiatives
  • aboriginal housing developments.

Even though your will get assigned to one more tasks before hand when having started volunteering at the community there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the tasks if this interests you.


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