Volunteer with Horses in Florida, USA

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Country: United States of America,
Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation,

Assist in a Centre that rescues wild Mustang horses that would have been put to death. The horses are nursed back to health and then trained with positive reinforcement and love. These traumatised horses must spend time with lots of different people, to learn that not all people are bad! This is critical to enable them to be adopted into loving homes. The Centre currently houses about 30 horses and is near to Orlando, Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, Legoland, Kennedy Space Center.

The work schedule is structured in two work shifts. One morning and one afternoon. Each work shift is about 2 hours. Breaks can be taken any time. Other than work, here will be activities such as riding and socializing with the horses.

Example of your weekly itinerary:

Day 1:

This day will change and this is only a very rough guide - your schedule will depend on what time your arrive
Pick up in Orlando City or at the airport.

You'll be taken to your accommodation and settled in, then have an Induction/Orientation into the ara and into the Project Centre. 

1 pm – Lunch. 
2 pm – You'll be taken around the place to see the Centre, sanctuary horses and the surroundings. 
5 pm- Freshen up and start to make dinner. 
7 pm- Go to hotel

Day 2:

8 am - Breakfast and orientation of work for the day. 
10 am - Half morning work shift. You'll will help with the most pressing chores of that morning. 
11 am - Go visit the sanctuary horses and help Noreen or Ellen with the feeding of these horses.
12.30 pm – Lunch. From this day forwards, you'll take turns helping prepare lunch.
2 pm – Afternoon work shift. 
5 pm - Freshen up and start to make dinner. If you're not assigned to help with dinner on this day, you'll have leisure time. 
7 pm - Hotel

Day 3:

8 am - Breakfast and orientation of work for the day.
10 am- Half morning work shift. 
11.30 am - Trail ride. Lunch brought along to eat. 
1.30 – Return from Trail Ride, care for the horses, freshen up and relax. 
3 pm – Afternoon work shift.
5 pm – Freshen up, make dinner.
7 pm - Hotel 

Day 4:

8 am - Breakfast and orientation of work for the day.
10 am – Morning work shift 
Noon - Prepare lunch and eat with the sanctuary horses. Spend time walking/feeding. Noreen will supervise this and tell you about how she cares for these horses.
4 pm- Late afternoon work shift
5 pm- Freshen up, make dinner.
7 pm - Hotel

Day 5:
8 am - Breakfast and orientation of work for the day.
10 am – Morning work shift 
Noon - Lunch
1 pm - Afternoon trip. 
5 pm - Return from the afternoon trip, feed horses, clean pens and make dinner. 
7 pm - Hotel

Day 6:
8 am - Pick up, breakfast and orientation of chores for work shifts and other activities of the day.
10 am – Half morning work shift
11.30 am – Horse massage 
1 pm - Lunch 
3 pm - Afternoon work shift 
4.30 pm – Stop for BBQ evening - lots of fun!
7 pm - Hotel

Day 7: 
This day will change according to whether it's your last day and you're leaving, or not. 

9 am – Pick up and breakfast. 
10 am - Horse Painting (You'll get a painting to take home with you!)
1 pm - Lunch – evaluation forms
2 pm - Head back to Orlando to catch your flight 

Is a comfortable hostel / ROV Park about 5 minutes away from the Centre. It's a tranquil hotel but does have TV and all necessary facilities. 

There is a pool and snack bar on site & free wifi. 

Is provided at the project site (3 per day). You'll take turns assisting with preparing lunch and supper, with the occasional barbecue.

You'll fly into Orlando Airport, where you will be met by either Diane or Mary-Alice from the Project and taken to your accommodation to settle in. You'll then be taken to the Project and given a warm welcome, Induction and introduction to everyone (including the horses!).

Prices - One person travelling alone: 
1 Week £850
2 Weeks £1,210
3 Weeks £1,570
4 Weeks £1,930
6 Weeks £2,650
8 Weeks £3,370
10Weeks £4,090
12Weeks £4,810
Extra Weeks £360

Two people travelling together will receive a discount - see website for details.

Start Dates
All year round - you choose your start and finish dates!

From 1 week to 6 months, subject to visa 

What's included

►Meeting you at the nearest Airport 
►Transfer to your accommodation 
►Transport to and from your project 
►Full pre-departure support 
►Local in-country team support and backup 
►24-hr emergency support.

What's not included
Flights, Insurance, Cost of Visas (if a visa is required), Return transfer to airport.


Contact Details



Caravelle House, Goring Road,


BN12 5HY

Telephone 1: 0207 193 6835 (From within the UK) or +44 (0) 207 193 6835 (From outside of the UK)

Website: http://budgetvolunteering.com/usa/conservation-horses-florida.htm

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