What You Need to Know about Advertising With Working Abroad

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We use a custom banner advertising software to deliver and monitor your banner ads on our homepage. This enables both you and WorkingAbroad to accurately track the clicks and impressions your ad receives and produce accurate reports. You are also able to link your banner ad into your own google analytics, such that you can monitor the click throughs received to your website in using both your WorkingAbroad account and your own analytics. However please note that, for reasons outlined below, google analytics can often display a lower click through number than our system.

Google Analytics is a javascript based tracking tool. The banner ad software we have in place tracks clicks via an intermediary page load (I.E. when you click a banner you go to a page where the click is logged before being forwarded on).

So the result is that in Google analytics you may see a number of unique visits which is different from the actual number of visits. The main reason for this difference is that some browsers stop the Javascript referral information so Google Analytics can't find out where the click through has come from, and also some visitors may have javascript turned off in their browsers which again blocks google analytics. Rest assured that the click throughs displayed in your WorkingAbroad account are accurate and verified, despite this discrepancy with Google.

We have in place a robust security system to monitor and verify clicks received on your banner ads. Our software ignores all "search bots" who may reach your page through a banner, such that any click received to a banner is always a real person. Furthermore, we use a database to log every click through received on our system, meaning that multiple clicks from the same person are ignored within a 1 hour period. This ensures that every click your banner receives is from a unique individual each time.

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