Community and Childcare Projects in Chitwan and around Kathmandu in need of Volunteer Support

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Volunteer in Nepal to participate in several community projects in locations throughout Nepal. These projects are aimed at promoting social upliftment through teaching, cultural exchange and tackling healthcare issues.  Projects include Working in children's homes, teaching English in local schools, Farming Projects and Working in Health centres.

You can join for 2 weeks up to 4 months all year round and we have places all throughout 2014 & 2015 available.

Individuals, groups, students and families all welcome.

Cost for food, lodging in homestay within local community, guided sightseeing, airport pickup, materials and training start; from £370.

Nepali Grandmother and grandchild Namaste Nepali school kids smiling Volunteer on a healthcare project Volunteers working at health post Volunteer plays with children at a daycare Working with children Traditional farming project Volunteer teaching children in a local school Volunteers painting Buddha's eyes on the wall of a community centre Child care centre in Kathmandu Volunteer receiving flowers from students View overlooking some rural Nepali countryside Volunteer teaching in a primary school Children outside a daycare centre Chlld finger painting Nepali children in the classroom Outside a school in rural Nepal School kids learning Rural health post in Gerkhu The local community visit the health post Nepali blessings Volunteer with her Nepali homestay family Volunteers riding elephants Volunteers together with local families Volunteer does a checkup at a health clinic School kids playing Volunteers on a medical programme Monkeys in Kathmandu Volunteer with children in Nepal

The Project

Volunteers are needed to help on the following projects in Nepal:

Volunteer at a local school in Nepal1. Volunteer to Teach English in a Local School

Volunteers are needed to teach English as a foreign language in government run schools in Kathmandu, in Pokhara between the Rupa & Bengas lakes, and in Gerkhu, in the foothills of the Himalayas, North of Kathmandu. These government schools provide basic education for children typically from the poorer families of Nepal, who cannot afford private options. In many schools in Nepal, there is a lack of experienced English teachers, and your assistance as a volunteer English teacher will be invaluable in helping improve the childrens' English reading and writing abilities, which is a vital skill in the Nepalese job market or in pursuing further education.

You do not need any previous teaching experience, simply talking with the children, reading stories, encouraging them to develop their English skills, and even singing, will make a huge difference. As a volunteer English teacher, you will find all students are very happy to engage you in conversation to practice their skills, so you will be busy most of the time. It is also encouraged for volunteers to bring your own ideas to the placement, and all new ideas are always welcome. Please note that to minimise disruption to the children, volunteers need to commit to at least 4 weeks for the teaching project.

Volunteer on a traditional farming project in Nepal2. Environmental Volunteering on a Traditional Farming Project

This is a placement for people who want to experience the hard life of rural Nepal, where the majority of people still farm using traditional methods.

You will live alongside a family and help them work in the nearby rice fields. Placements are available in several locations including the terai of Chitwan in southern Nepal, and the foothills of the Himalayas near Gerkhu. By becoming a part of the family you will truly experience the real life of Nepal and its people. Depending on the season you will do many different jobs, from milking the buffalo, to planting rice, or cutting grown rice and carrying to the house where it’s beaten by hand. There is always something to do on the farm, but you will have plenty of time to relax and chat to the locals, and have the chance to experience the local community. Rural farming in Nepal

The main location for this project is in a village set deep in the region of Chitwan, near the Indian border. Set near the Chitwan National Park, it also gives ample opportunity to explore the wilds of the Jungle where nature and Man live hand in hand.

This project is hard work and not for the faint hearted, but it shows the reality of life in rural Nepal.

Daycare centre in Nepal3. Working in a Children's Home as a childcare volunteer

This project involves working in a children's home in Nepal. We currently work with a range of homes, including an all girl's home for abandoned children in Kathmandu, a daycare centre near Bengas lake in Pokhara, a home for 11 disabled children near Boudha in Kathmandu and the Naurange Children's home in Bharatpur, Chitwan.  We tend to work with children's homes and day cares more often than orphanages due to the problems that can be associated (we recommend you do some google research on any overseas orphanage project thoroughly).

Children doing homework in Naurange Children's homeAt the Naurange children's home, over 30 children from the ages of 4 up to 17 live in the home which provides a stable base for them and their future school life, to hopefully provide a route out of poverty. As a volunteer, you will work in the home, helping with the running of the home by cleaning, taking the children to school, helping to prepare food and so on. You will also have the opportunity to help the children by teaching them English and other skills, helping with their homework, teaching sports and any other activities you would like to teach. The aim of the project is to give the children of the home a chance to interact with international childcare volunteers, learn new skills and an understanding of the world outside Nepal.

But the project is not all work! As the project is near  to the Chitwan National park, you will have the chance to experience this jungle region; safari on the back of elephants, watch the famous one horn rhinos and photograph crocodiles along the banks of the Rapti river.

Community health post in Nepal4. Working in a Health Centre as a healthcare volunteer

This project is located in the Rural village of Gerkhu, in the foothills of the Himalayas, North of Kathmandu. In 2011 a medical centre was built in the village which serves several thousand people in Gerkhu and the surrounding area. It was then arranged for the Nepali government to staff and fund the centre on a daily basis. This is a region where without basic medical care, people die from the most basic of ailments. As such, the centre is vital in providing the basic care needed for local people, and to organise transportation to the larger hospital at Trisuli.

As a healthcare volunteer you will be working alongside the Nepali staff at the centre, talking with patients and experiencing rural life in Nepal. No day will be the same, so be prepared to test your first aid knowledge. Ideally this placement is for medical students who want the experience of working in basic conditions in a very remote location.

Volunteer on a medical trek in NepalWe also run seperate medical camps/treks, where we send qualified doctors and nurses into rural villages where there is no professional medical care - Volunteers help to provide basic care & medical education to the population & to record data etc. Volunteers are usually accompanied by Nepali doctors or a translator. It’s challenging work, but an effective way of providing healthcare to remote areas. A recent trek in July 2014 saw over 600 people come along to be treated by our volunteers in Phulasi District. For more info on medical treks please email

Rural school in Nepal5. Volunteer to teach English in Bardia National Park

Bardia national park is in the west of Nepal, close to the Indian border and set in the Terai or "flat lands". It is the home of the Tharu people. Teaching volunteers work in a school in this area to help teach English to the local Tharu children. On this project you will be staying in a beautiful mud and wood built Tharu village called Thakurdwara, in the centre of Bardia National Park. Your duties will be to support the teachers, helping to get the class ready and teach English to the children working mostly on pronunciation and grammar.

Nepali school kidsBecause of the remoteness of this placement, and the fact that you will be living in a National park where wild Elephants, Rhino, Tigers and Leopards roam free, this project is recommended only for nature lovers (inside the national park) seasoned travelers and those used to living and working in basic conditions.    

School painting project in Pokhara 6. School painting & Tree planting

Throught the year we also run some one off projects. These are only available at certain times of the year & are for small groups of volunteers. In 2014 volunteers have painted schools in Pokhara during the school holidays, which we feel helps to stimulate the children in their studies while giving them and staff a better environment to teach and learn. Also we have recently run a reforestation project in collaboration with WCN Nepal, planting over 3000 trees in the Terai, helping to improve the local environment, reduce landslides & provide a resource for local people. If you are interested on a project such as this or would like to know more about the availability of these projects please email

Please note that on all Nepal volunteering projects, you will receive full training and support from both the in country Volunteer Coordinator and local staff. 

Dates & Costs

You can volunteer in Nepal for 2 week, 1 month, 2 month, 3 month and 4 month durations on the 1st and 15th of each month, year round. We are however flexible with dates and can accommodate as well. Please email if you have specific questions about dates.

Nepali children1st October to 15th October
15th October to 31st October
1st November to 15th November
15th November to 30th November
1st December to 15th December
15th December to 31st December

1st to 15th January 2015
15th to 31st January 2015
1st to 15th February 2015
15th to 28th February 2015
1st to 15th March 2015
15th to 31st March 2015
1st to 15th April 2015
15th to 30th April 2015
1st to 15th May 2015
15th to 31st May 2015
1st to 15th June 2015
15th to 30th June 2015

View over rice fields in Nepal

The costs for volunteering in Nepal are as follows: 2 weeks is £370, 1 month is £510, 2 months is £780, 3 months is £990 and 4 months is £1180. This cost includes airport pick up and departure, taxis around Kathmandu, hotel stays for 3 nights in Kathmandu, guided sightseeing in Kathmandu, bus transfers to and from the placement, placement and support from partner organisation in Nepal and WorkingAbroad Projects, and all food and accommodation. What is not included is your flights and travel to and from Nepal, visa costs, personal expenses, and your own health and travel insurance.

 Food, Lodging, Travel, Security, Health

Volunteer with children in NepalFood and Accommodation
Upon arrival in Kathmandu, volunteers are taken to a guest house in Thamel for several days, for some some sightseeing and to acclimatise to Nepalese life. You will then be transferred to the placement of your choice. Here you will stay with a carefully selected host family, who speak English. This will give you the opportunity to experience the real life of a Nepalese family and the local community. All meals will be provided by your host family.

Type of Volunteers needed
Volunteers should be aged 18 years upwards and speak English. All nationalities are welcome. Volunteers do not need any specific skills or qualifications, but any skills you do have will be useful for the projects. Volunteers should be self motivated, adaptable and flexible and willing to live and work in rustic conditions, particularly for the Traditional Farming Project. Projects are often located in rural, isolated villages and volunteers should be independent and mature, and able to manage with basic amenities, and limited access to modern facilities.

Nepali templeFlights/Travel
The quickest and simplest route is to fly to Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. It is also possible to enter Nepal via India, though this takes longer. The main Airlines arriving in Kathmandu are Thai Airlines, Qatar, Etihad and Jet Airways, which is usually the cheapest option. Upon arrival at the airport, you can easily obtain a standard tourist Visa with no restrictions, which will take around 15 minutes. Visa costs are $25 for 15 Days, $40 for 30 Days, $100 for 90 Days and $2 per day thereafter. Indian nationals do not require a Visa.

Volunteer in KathmanduSafety and Security
We have friendly staff experienced in supporting international volunteers and we will ensure you are living and working in a secure and safe environment.

Buddha statue in NepalCommunications and Health
In most areas where we work in Nepal there is always access to communication either by phone or Internet, so it's easy to keep in touch with friends and family. We also provide the number of our Volunteer Coordinator in Kathmandu in case of emergencies if need be.

It is advised that you visit your doctor before departing for Nepal to get the most up to date information on possible vaccinations required. A course of Injections typically takes around 6 weeks. In Nepal, there are pharmacies in every town, and the Project Manager also had direct contact with Western doctors if required for volunteers.

Interactive Map, Video & Background

Below is an interactive map showing the locations of the projects:


Video Interview with a previous volunteer on the project

Nepali stupaAbout Nepal

Nepal, bordered by India to the South and China to the North, is a country diverse in it's climate, peoples and culture. It is where the cold peaks of the Himalayas, containing seven of the world's ten highest mountains, including Mt. Everest, meet the steamy heat of the Indian plains, where some of the rarest flora and fauna in the world roam in the jungle regions around Chitwan. Nepals rich cultural, artistic and architectural heritage stems from the three historic kingdoms which developed in the Kathmandu valley, and the religious history of the region.

Gautama Buddha, one of the major contributors to buddhist philosophy, was born in Mount EverestNepal. Nepal is also one of the poorest countries in the world, particularly in rural areas, where literacy and health are poor compared with urban centres. However, the Nepalese are a friendly, compassionate people, and the traditional Nepali teaching 'atithi devo vawa' (guests are the form of god), is one which the Nepalese subscribe to.

You can read more about Nepal under: or

Volunteer Testimonials

Video Interview with volunteer Maxine Lee-Morath, from Australia


Volunteers in Nepal

David and Lauren Scruggs, Volunteered in February 2013

For my daughter's 18th birthday I promised to take her anywhere or do anything she wanted. When the answer was I want to do volunteer working Nepal it literally brought tears to my eyes.

I was impressed with the projects available and my daughter and I opted to work at the Daycare Center in the Chitwan region. Admittedly, we were both a bit scared of the unknown on our way out to Nepal. We are both seasoned travellers but this was the first time we travelled to a less developed country and neither of us knew what to expect.

We were greeted at the airport by staff and we immediately put at ease. Despite the somewhat different (read nail-biting) drive from the airport to the hotel, we settled in and were accompanied by Phil Palmer into Kathmandu for a quick visit and a bite to eat. The first night was a shocker and an eye-opener having seen kids no more than 10 years old living on the street, camping by fires and sniffing glue to stay warm. The constant barking of the numerous wild dogs and the images of street kids made sleep that night hard to find.

The next day we were greeted by Phil and Sunju in the hotel. Sunju spent the day taking us around Kathmandu to temples, museums and markets. It was a pleasure to see Kathmandu in the daytime and we quickly felt more at ease with the environment. Phil and Sunju made sure we felt comfortable and that was well received by both my daughter and myself. We then took a bus to Chitwan where we were met by our homestay family.

Volunteer with children in a daycare centreThey brought us to our room and we rested up. They immediately made us feel at home and looked after us like family. We worked for week at the Daycare Center and working with the kids and staff was an absolute delight. From playing with them to teaching them the alphabet, washing their faces to fixing lunches, it was all just an amazing experience. Dilu and Binu (our homestay Dad and Mom) made our stay in Chitwan an excellent experience. We even had time for a few elephant safaris and jungle walks. To top it off they organized the biggest and best18th birthday party anyone could have ever imagined, with several people from the village over dancing and sharing local tradition with Lauren.

Volunteer riding an elephant in NepalI was speechless. I was moved by the poverty. I was moved by the beauty. I was moved by how happy and friendly people can be when they have so little. Kids playing hacky sack with makeshift elastic band balls, families and friends just sitting and talking, people working on the farms, in the numerous little home shops... everything just seemed to be in harmony. For our second week we decided to travel and see some of the rest of Nepal. For the first time in 20 odd years Dilu left Binu for more than the day and came with us. He took us to Bandipur and to Pokhara looking out for us and taking us to visit some of the most amazing places we have ever seen. Upon our return to Kathmandu we met up with Phil and he found us another hotel on my request away from the howling dogs, he brought us there and made sure we got settled in before meeting up with us later that night to enjoy dinner with some new volunteers.

I spent a lot of time talking to Raj and Phil and I am moved by their dedication and their selflessness. They work hard and make sure that the volunteers have an excellent experience... while helping people in Nepal get access to education, medical care, shelter, and some of their ideas and new projects on how to help Nepal have captivated me.

I would like thank everyone for making this experience possible. I highly recommend for any volunteer looking to help people and gain an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Katie Polloway, from the UK, volunteered for 1 month

Volunteer with childrenI firstly started off in Chitwan, helping out in the Sauhara Day Care Centre! This was an amazing experience, I was very emotional leaving the kids every day. They were so lovely to be around, including the staff working there – Binu and the two other girls. I had to do the alphabet with them, nursery rhymes, numbers etc. I also played with them, ball games and just general playing about, as well as helping to serve them lunch.

Volunteer with Nepali homestay family I then helped out in a School in Kathmandu, this was very different compared to the Day Care Centre but it was lovely getting to know different cultures and also working with different ages. I felt very respected by the school children.

I also did many activities such as elephant riding, elephant bathing, sight seeing, visiting temples, markets, shopping malls, and many more. It was an amazing experience, and made me see life from a different world.

I found it very emotional seeing how people have to life compared to other countries like the UK. Every single person I met out there was lovely and welcoming, I did not come across any rude people at all throughout my whole trip!

Volunteer at a local homestayEdward Beavan, from the UK, volunteered for 2 weeks in August 2012

In August I spent two weeks working at the Sauraha Daycare Centre, I found working with the children very gratifying and emotional, as I believed I was making a difference to the children’s lives and hopefully to their future.

When I arrived in Kathmandu it was the start of the Chitwan Festival and I thank the staff, Phil, Raj and Sahrita for whisking me off, altering all previous timetables, for me to experience the culture of the festival, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Nepali childrenDuring my stay in Chitwan I experienced elephant rides, washing elephants and I was lucky enough to watch a rare one horned rhino calf and its mother, as well as a multitude of other wild birds and animals.

The staff were very helpful and were always thinking of me, making sure I was ok and that I was enjoying myself. When I first arrived in Nepal and was greeted by the staff, I could really sense that this was an organisation who are dedicated to helping others and that really shone through. When I was with them, they were always thinking of different ways they can help more Nepalese people and to me this was wonderful, to see people so dedicated to helping others. So if you are looking for a truly memorable, fantastic experience, helping others less fortunate than us, then I definitely recommend the project.

Julia Breuer, from the UK, volunteered on the project in Nepal for 1 month in October 2012

I went to Nepal for a month and booked my placement through Working Abroad Projects. From the outset I found everyone friendly, approachable and professional. When I booked my placement for voluntary work, a member of staff called me and answered all the queries I had. I stayed with a family in the Chitwan area and volunteered at the daycare centre there for pre-schoolers. The work was really rewarding and I shared a lot of laughs with the kids, despite the language barrier!

The homestay that I stayed with were so welcoming and made me feel like part of the family. It was such an eye-opener to see how a Nepali family live day to day. It helped that the mum of the family was an amazing cook and I watched her a couple of times to get a few tips.

I was also lucky enough to be in Nepal when Dashain (a religious festival) was on. During this time I stayed with Sarita's family and had a lovely time celebrating with them. Again, they were really welcoming and included the other volunteers and I in all the rituals involved with the celebration.

I will never forget my time in Nepal. On the first night, all the volunteers and staff went out for dinner, so you got to know like-minded people straight away and never really felt on your own. The flexibility of the project made the trip even more enjoyable as I knew that if there were any problems or if I wanted to move to another placement I could, and this gave me peace of mind.

Tree planting in NepalHow to Join

To secure a placement volunteering in Nepal, please complete and submit the form including two references and your deposit of £150. If for some reason, your application is declined, we will reimburse this deposit fully. However for those who are accepted, the final amount needs to be paid one month before departure. Once you are confirmed on the project, you will receive pre-departure information with all details on your project, when to arrive, contact details, suggested items to bring, programme information and lots more.


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