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Qualify to teach English worldwide in Toulouse, South West France. TEFL Toulouse run IATQUO accredited 4-week courses all year round, and offer well-priced accommodation. Toulouse is a beautiful and vibrant student city, just a few hours from the Pyrennees, Bordeaux, Barcelona or San Sebastian.

Join an accredited TEFL course in France Teachers in class Riverside view of Toulouse All TEFL Toulouse courses are IATQUO accredited The TEFL Toulouse Centre Teachers doing lesson plans Some TEFL Teachers enjoying themselves TEFL teacher training course The TEFL Toulouse office Teachers celebrating getting TEFL certified TEFL Toulouse offers lifetime job guidance to course participants TEFL Toulouse  also offers the only fully accredited TEFL course in SW France


TEFL certification in Toulouse

Join a 4 week, IATQUO accredited TEFL course held at a training centre in a wealthy district of  Toulouse, overlooking the beautiful Jardin de Plantes.

The only fully accredited TEFL course in SW France, the TEFL Toulouse course is highly respected by local language schools, and provides the qualification needed to begin teaching worldwide.

TEFL Toulouse has a range of accommodation to suit your preferences, including friendly host families.

TEFL Toulouse offers lifetime job guidance for wherever you would like to teach worldwide, as well as detailed information about how to set up as a freelance teacher in France.

Since opening in 2009, TEFL Toulouse has trained over 500 teachers, most of whom are now teaching in France and around the world.

Past trainees have loved not only the course and the supportive and highly qualified trainers,  but also the location. Toulouse, “La Ville Rose”  is a lively and laid back southern French city of some 500,000 inhabitants, with a distinct Spanish influence. It is also home to Airbus, fabulous restaurants and a lot of rugby fans. The Pyrenees, Barcelona, Biarritz and San Sebastian are all just a few hours drive away.
Street view of Toulouse

Trainees receive:

  • A minimum of 6 hours of observed teaching practice, teaching French and international students
  • In-depth feedback session for every lesson taught
  • 30 hours of help planning your lessons
  • 75 hours of teaching, grammar  and phonology theory, as well as sessions on teaching Business English and Young Learners
  • Demonstration lessons – including 2 in an unknown foreign language  (Greek, Russian etc.)
  • Observation of peers teaching and feedback
  • An entirely onsite and practical course, there is no online element and there are no hidden costs

We hope to welcome you aboard at TEFL Toulouse soon!


"Shortly after graduating from TEFL Toulouse, I hit the ground running in pursuit of a teaching job in France. TEFL Toulouse was wonderful about providing genuine and tested guidance for finding jobs post-graduation. It wasn't long after completing the course, perhaps a week or two, when I found myself with two private students and an interview at a local language school. The accreditation that comes with your TEFL certificate carries a lot of weight and I was so pleased to see employers take it seriously. I always knew I would like to teach English as a foreign language, but I never could have predicted how much I would LOVE it. TEFL Toulouse provided me with that revelation via an intensive, yet incredibly rewarding, experience. I highly recommend this course and this city! "

Arlen Mabe, USA / France

"After 8 years working and travelling as a Tour Guide, I decided that teaching English would be a good way to make money to finally have a little place to put my backpack away! Did the TEFL Toulouse course and was very impressed with the quality of the content and with the trainers. Have been working for a couple of months in Toulouse now, there is definitely work around here  and the course really helped me prepare for it!"

Erwin Verhagen, June 2016

"An intense but really enjoyable experience. I feel well armed to seek work in this area and feel very positive about my chances of success with all the support and teaching from the team. The 6 hours teaching experience is invaluable, and you get to take chances in a very supportive atmosphere."

Nicola Reidy, France, June 2016


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Grand Rond
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