TEFL Worldwide Prague - Become TEFL Certified in 4 weeks and Begin Teaching English Abroad

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Earn your accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate in the heart of Europe, experience the world and discover new cultures through teaching English abroad. In just 4 weeks you can become TEFL certified and begin teaching English as a foreign language worldwide. They have over 2000 graduates who have worked in over 60+ countries!

Undertake your TEFL course in a stunning city with great culture Your TEFL course will be memorable not just due to the quality training provided TEFL courses offer you the chance to broaden your horizons Work with other TEFL course members and make progress together Meet new people and make new friends Take time to relax and enjoy your TEFL course's free-time Make your stay memorable through the people that you meet Explore your area and immerse yourself in new traditions and culture Use a range of teaching materials to make your TEFL teaching course better There is always time to enjoy your stay even when not working in the classroom Engage with your students and make their learning journey one they will never forget Try out the local food and get new ideas for cooking Work as a group to make your teaching journey even better In your time off spend time at cultural events Never forget those who helped you develop during your stay and leave with fond memories Prague is a city full of stunning architecture and design Document your journey by taking photos during your stay Leave not only as a qualified TEFL teacher but also with an insightful and broadened mind

 Do your TEFL course in PragueTEFL Worldwide Prague is a reputable American owned school offering the 4-week internationally recognized and accredited TEFL/TESOL course in the enchanting city of Prague. The TEFL Worldwide staff has experience and expertise in TEFL/TTEFL courses are run with help from existing teachersESOL training and ensuring job placement following the course. Their graduates are teaching abroad within a few weeks after graduation. They are continuously building their list of worldwide job contacts with language schools abroad and are dedicated to working with you in finding an exciting teaching position in the destination of your choice.

Why TEFL Worldwide?
  • Internationally recognised and accredited 4-week TEFL (TESOL) training course in the enchanting city of  Prague.
  • American owned school.
  • Continued job assistance worldwide.
  • Highly qualified and experienced EFL professional trainers. (Trainers hold the Cambridge DELTA).
  • 8 to 10 hours of actual hands on experience teaching in real classrooms.
  • Student housing only 8,200 - 8,500 kc.
  • Housing and Visa guidance for those who stay in Prague.
  • Personalised support and guidance before, during and after the course.
TEFL Worldwide ensures a professional environment, high-quality course and personalized care and assistance to all of their trainees. TEFL Worldwide is a global passport to a new job, culture, and opportunity abroad.

Why Earn a TEFL Certificate?Plan your TEFL course lessons in Prague to suit your own strengths
  • Teach English and travel all throughout the world.
  • Live and work abroad while experiencing other cultures.
  • Make a career change or simply take some time off from your current responsibilities.
  • Develop your teaching skills.
  • Prepare for an MA/Higher Diploma in TEFL or TESOL by gaining EFL experience abroad.
  • Really make a difference. For some English students, fluency in English is their key to a richer and more successful life!
Job opportunities teaching abroad are availableJob Guidance
Upon successful completion of your TEFL/TESOL course you will be certified to teach English as a foreign language worldwide. They'll help you find exciting teaching positions all throughout Central/Eastern Europe, Western Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. The demand for English teachers in Central/Eastern Europe is steadily increasing so you can be assured that you’ll find a job in this region.
Work alongside fellow TEFL course membersTheir job guidance process starts with your acceptance onto the TEFL course. You will tell them where you are interested in teaching and they will begin collecting current information for you. They understand that you might not be completely certain about where you would like to teach or that you may change your mind, therefore they are prepared to help you explore all options and assist you in choosing your first destination. During the course you will be provided with current job openings, employer contacts and information on the average salaries for select regions. You will have access to listings of possible teaching destinations through EFL publications, the Internet and EFL books. In addition, brand new vacancies are listed regularly on the course notice board during the programme. Their aim is to find you a suitable teaching position in the destination of your choice.
Course Prices
Tuition: 1200 Euros
Visit http://www.xe.com/ucc/ for the current exchange rate.
Housing: 8,000czk to 8,500czk for 30 nights. (Price is in Czech Korunas)Learn about the culture in Prague
Visit www.teflworldwideprague.com for any special offers.

Tuition includes: full tuition for the TEFL Course, job assistance worldwide, airport/train station pick-up, welcome pack, Prague orientation, settling in assistance, champagne celebration on the last day of the course, and housing and Visa guidance for those staying in Prague.
Grammar book: about 12 Euros
Money for photocopying: about 12 Euros


TEFL courses worldwide with first-class trainingAbout the Course

The program offers quality training, both theoretical and practical in nature, in a relaxed environment and provides you with an excellent insight into EFL teaching methods and language awareness as well as supportive teaching practice with students at all levels.
Some of the topics covered include:
Teaching Vocabulary
 Teaching With Video
Speaking Lesson
 Lesson Share
Learning Styles
 Business English
Error Correction
One-to-One Teaching
Reading Lessons
Using Music In The Classroom
Pronunciation and Stress and Intonation
Teaching With Coursebooks
Teaching Young Learners
Writing Lesson
EFL Testing
Computer Assisted Language Learning
Language Awareness
Pronunciation and Articulation
Pronunciation – Connected Speech
Teaching With Authentic Materials

Make your stay as a TEFL course member memorableFinish your TEFL course with expert knowledge and the confidence to progressEveryone at TEFL Worldwide- Prague is dedicated to making your experience abroad the opportunity of a lifetime. They strive to make this a smooth transition for you by providing you with a solid network while studying in Prague and continued job guidance so that you can always land an exciting teaching position in the locality of your choice.  They  know first-hand what it is like to teach abroad, what employers worldwide are looking for in an EFL teacher and what is expected by the trainees attending our course. TEFL Worldwide ensures a professional environment, high-quality course and personalized care and assistance to all of their trainees.  They look forward to having you in one of our next available courses.


Since graduating from TEFL Worldwide in March 2011, I have been fortunate enough to find work in Halle, Germany. In only a few short weeks after graduation, I had several job offers and was able to choose the location I really wanted. Before TEFL Worldwide I had no teaching experience and couldn’t picture myself teaching. I really wanted to travel so I decided to give it a try. By graduation I felt confident and prepared, which was good because I was thrown into a full teaching schedule right away. I teach a variety of English courses to adults depending on their needs. I have recently taken a new job opportunity and will be teaching Business English full time for a company in Braunschweig, Germany. The German culture and way of life makes everyday an adventure and new learning experience. Teaching English has allowed me to make lifelong friends from all over the world.

Lindsey TeVoert

Not to sound cliche, but TEFL Worldwide Prague changed my life. Before coming to Europe I was working as a wedding planner, and was searching for something different... an adventure. TEFL was the answer to my adventure. I did my research and decided I wanted to be in Prague. My friends cousin had done TEFL WorldwidePrague and had recommended it to us. Knowing that there were numerous TEFL programs in the area we did some research to make sure we picked the best school we possibly could. We did. The staff at the school were extremely helpful and caring. They went above and beyond to help us succeed in the course and were always there to lend a helping hand with our lesson plans.

The office staff at the school were also extremely friendly and helped us with everything, which was really important when trying to adjust in a foreign country.

I graduated from TEFL in February and I am now teaching at a preschool and also doing private lessons. I feel fully prepared each day to take on my jobs and I feel that I owe that to TEFL WorldwidePrague.

Shaina Harris
January 2013 Graduate

This is definitely the best TEFL course in Prague. I had so much fun doing this and have made life long friends of my fellow trainee teachers. Not only was the course thoroughly enjoyable, it also did an fantastic job of preparing me to teach comfortably and confidently as soon as I graduated. When I signed up for a TEFL course, I never could have anticipated just how high the calibre of tuition would be. Every single day in the classes, I was entertained, enthralled and subsequently enthused to start actively developing my teaching skills thanks to the amazing instructors. The course was challenging but when I graduated, there was an instant community of expats that I became a part of in Prague which was a big advantage. Having had a wonderful time teaching there for a year, I am now on my way to South Korea and there has been job support and helpful connections provided along the way. Thank you TEFL Worldwide Prague!

Elizabeth Cameron

I have lived and worked abroad since the moment I stepped off the plane in October of 2006. Upon graduating from TEFL Worldwide Prague I started teaching in Prague. I have taught both adults and children here and in Guymas Mexico. Getting my TEFL Certificate has allowed me to travel all over the world (England, Bratislava, Switzerland, Mexico, Ireland... just to name a few) and make connections from the Czech Republic to China. I love my life and my lifestyle. TEFL Worldwide was an essential step in me both changing my life and broadening my horizons.

Alicia Brooks


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