Our Volunteering Team - Who We Are

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Andreas Kornevall 
Co-Founder and Director of WorkingAbroad
Andreas Kornevall of Working Abroad

Andreas Kornevall is the co-Founder of WorkingAbroad (1997). He also founded the School Tree Nursery initiative in the UK and is currently the Director of Operations for the Earth Restoration Service www.earthrestorationservice.org and activist and campaigner for Restore the Earth Project.  He has also instigated the Life Cairn memorial - a memorial for species rendered extinct at human hands. 

A graduate in Public Relations and Communications (BPR) from Geneva, Switzerland, he has spent over 18 years working with innovative grassroots programmes in the ecological, cultural and social sectors; collaborating in countries such as India, USA, Thailand, Dutch Antilles, Costa Rica, Grenada, Ecuador, Swaziland, South Africa, Iceland, the Gambia etc. He is also a writer and storyteller, a member of the British Permaculture Association and a recording artist. 

He runs a blog under: http://andreaskornevall.tumblr.com

Email: andreas.kornevall@workingabroad.com


Vicky McNeil
Co-founder and Director of WorkingAbroad

Vicky McNeil Working AbroadVicky has a strong interest in travelling and visiting projects all over the world - her travels have taken her to the deep jungles of Swaziland, Costa Rica and Malaysia, to the old growth forests in British Columbia and to the slums of New Delhi, Bangkok and Quito.  Vicky is a listener and an excellent advisor to all those who have questions about volunteering abroad. She draws inspiration from wildlife photography, languages, African drumming and her two little daughters Chloe and Rosie!  Recently, she took a Firecraft course and learned how to make fire through friction, a very empowering experience.

A graduate from Durham University, UK, in Social Sciences and a TEFL qualified teacher, she has spent over 18 years travelling and working with volunteer organisations worldwide.

"Volunteering and travelling abroad for many years has shown me the importance of encouraging other people to take part in local community development, ecological restoration projects and cross-cultural exchange all throughout the world.  I am also drawn to wild places, because they represent the preservation of the world!"

Email: victoria.mcneil@workingabroad.com

Our team is here to help you on your volunteering journey abroadAaron Jangaard

Aaron joined our team in September 2011. He graduated in Geography from the University of Southampton in 2011, and has a strong interest in conservation, flooding and the environment and travel. He is the coordinator for many of our volunteer programmes in Asia, South America, Oceania & Europe. He also manages the WorkingAbroad website and our online presence. 


WorkingAbroad blog writer CharlotteCharlotte Laursen
Volunteer Coordinator & Marketing Officer

A recent graduate in international relations and European politics with experience in research and organisational work in various political environments. Charlotte is a keen traveller and has been engaged in humanitarian and development projects in both Brazil and Ghana. Now living and working in Portugal, while also being a Social Media manager for WorkingAbroad.

Email: charlotte@workingabroad.com