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A Broader View Volunteers, the leading US Specialist in Volunteering Opportunities across Latin America, Africa and South East Asia, is a family run non-profit organisation that has been operating for over 10 years and prides itself on its excellent/fast customer service, knowledge and dedication to helping worthwhile and sustainable volunteer projects.

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A Broader View Volunteers LogoA Broader View Volunteer is involved with grassroots local organizations in 25 countries with over 245 Social and conservation programs. Their programs run from 1 week up to 3 month, all programs are customized for the volunteers schedule, most volunteers will live with a middle-class host family in safe areas, in 10 years they have 100% positive feedback and safety record.

A Broader View Volunteers can tailor-make once in a lifetime experiences for volunteers - who will travel to incredible destinations to help with Wildlife Conservation projects, Medical, Teaching and Orphan Care placements or Marine Conservation initiatives.

Who can volunteer?
Applicants must generally be over the age of 17 (although they do offer specific volunteer placements available for 16 years old), and have from one weeks to 12 weeks available to work. Whether you are travelling on your own, with a group or with your family, and whether you are a student, taking a break from your job or even retired, they will find a project that you can contribute to.

Countries where you can volunteer:

- Asia (India, Nepal, India, Cambodia, China, Philippines, Vietnam)
- Africa (Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Cameroon, Zambia)
- Latin America (Chile, Colombia, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru)

 What type of projects can I do?
ABV offer volunteer placements in environmental, Sea Turtle conservation as well as community development projects, which include work with disadvantaged groups, childcare, medicine and healthcare, building, sports development, education, women's empowerment and many more areas.

Abroaderview’s project advisors work with you to decide which project is best for you and what type of work best matches your skills and interests. Here are some examples of what you can get involved in:

Animal Rescue – From the Ecuadorian Rainforest to the Nature Reserve in Costa RIca, repair the damage done to some of the most beautiful and diverse places on earth.
Sea Turtle Conservation – Improve the population, environment and future of endangered Sea Turtles. 
Community Projects – Support communities in projects as diverse as building, painting, construction of greenhouses, farms and agriculture plans in Colombia coffee farms, India renovation in Villages.
Work with Children – Work with disadvantaged children on educational projects such as Early Years Teaching in Rural Zambia to volunteering at a Daycare centre for HIV/AIDS orphans in Tanzania Arusha.Teaching volunteers can make a difference to school children across the world in primary and secondary levels.
Education – From English teaching to education programmes for special needs, give disadvantaged communities a chance to have a better future and volunteer on projects such as Teaching and Teacher Development in Peru Cusco and Community Teaching and Cultural Immersion in India and Nepal.
Health – Positions for qualified and training health professionals to develop their skills and support local staff. Work on health education, nutrition and in hospitals and field clinics such as a Medical Internship in Ecuador and Public Health Volunteering in Tanzania. And also they have options for premed, pre-nurse and predental students.

All projects include airport pick-ups and drop-offs, accommodation, orientations and 24h support. All placements include all meals, but language classes can be paid prior travel or while in country if needed.A Broader View Volunteers



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