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GivingWay is a free platform that connects between worldwide travelers and grassroots organizations seeking volunteers in a simple and direct manner. With over 250 active organizations from over 70 countries worldwide, GivingWay makes it possible for even the remotest of organizations to find and to be found by international volunteers. As a social impact company GivingWay believes that by enabling direct dialog between volunteers and organizations, the matching of skills and needs is enhanced and impact to all involved is maximized.

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Volunteers abroad

What makes GivingWay different? Unlike placement agents that charge high fees to connect volunteers and organizations (with most these fees remaining with the agents and NOT reaching the local organizations…), through GivingWay there are no agents and no agent fees and if certain fees are charged (for example in exchange for providing accommodation), such fees are charged by and paid directly to the local organizations themselves.

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Where can I volunteer? What can I do? Through the GivingWay platform, you can find volunteer opportunities in over 70 countries worldwide. Additionally, depending on your skills and interests, you can find volunteer opportunities in projects of all kinds – whether it is working with people, animals, or outdoors – the platform offers an incredibly varied selection. Though the possibilities are truly endless – there is no need to feel overwhelmed! The platform offers easy-to-use search engines which help you minimize your search specific to your interests and travel destinations.

Teaching volunteers abroad

What else should I know about GivingWay? The platform works like other social network websites, and therefore offers various online tools and social features for your use! For example, similar to connecting directly with organizations worldwide, you can also connect directly with fellow volunteers on the platform. Through these connections, you can exchange travel and volunteer tips, advice, and even find a travel buddy! Other such features include your very own online volunteer journal, a community discussion board, and more!

Where do I start? To start enjoying all that GivingWay has to offer, head over to the platform at You can navigate through the different volunteering opportunities, or create your own GivingWay user profile!

One last thing… GivingWay is constantly growing and adding fun and helpful features! Be sure to check out the platform for updates, new organizations, and other special ways you can help organizations worldwide.


"We were looking for an opportunity to volunteer in Nepal but knew that you should be very careful and choose wisely. Especially in a country like Nepal it is very difficult to find a reliable project that doesn't only try to take advantage but instead aims for supporting the local community. Luckily a friend recommended GivingWay as a starting point to search for a good project. Straight away we liked the choice of projects available on the website and got in touch with GivingWay.

We loved the personal contact and the way they really tried to make sure we would find a suitable organization to volunteer for. It was great to stay in touch with them before, during and after our volunteering stay in Nepal and they were honestly interested in how volunteer life was like at the school. Getting in touch with the chosen school through the GivingWay website was very easy and uncomplicated and best of all - entirely for free. Thanks to the review system on the website you get an honest and reliable opinion about the placement from recent volunteers which helps to make the right decision.

Overall we got the feeling that GivingWay is really concerned about a good experience for volunteers and supporting local projects and organizations alike. This is exactly what we had been looking for and for our next volunteering experience we will definitely go through GivingWay again!"

- Lars and Romina

"When I first started looking for a volunteering placement in South East Asia, I got a bit discouraged because I couldn't find anything appropriate. Luckily, I bumped into Giving Way though a web search and everything changed. On their platform, I had a chance to browse through lots of opportunities and choose the ones I was interested in through the detailed information provided. I am incredibly grateful to the GivingWay Team, because through their platform I was able to find exactly what I was looking for and I would recommend it to anyone planning or even just considering a volunteering experience abroad."

- Alice


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