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Kaya offer ethical and sustainable volunteer placements and internships in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and they are open to everyone aged 18-80. You can work in the fields of environmental, marine and wildlife conservation as well as community development projects, which include work with child care, medicine and healthcare, disadvantaged groups, building, sports development, women's empowerment, education, micro-finance and many more interesting areas.

Volunteers can help on construction projects across the world Help to look after endangered animals in the wild and in captivity Learn about different cultures and customs from communities over the world Opportunities for marine conservation volunteers are available Volunteers can get involved with community-based projects across all continents Environmental projects offer volunteers a chance to learn about biodiversity globally

Volunteer projects and internships for responsible global travellers

Kaya Responsible Travel

Best Volunteering Organisation 2016

Kaya work with communities on the ground in 28 countries to identify quality projects that are in need of volunteer assistance. This provides volunteers with a great choice of locations, fields of interest, types of work and the flexibility to build a travel experience which fits your needs and maximises your skills. Kaya work with every individual participant to identify the project that is the best match for you, your skills and your interests.

Marine conservation volunteers take a dive underwater

As a volunteer or intern you will discover the unique opportunity of visiting the real world beyond the tourist window and become immersed in the cultures you visit. For many travellers, this time spent working on genuine, meaningful and sustainable projects and getting to know the local area and its people is often cited as their most memorable, enjoyable and fulfilling life experience.

Who can volunteer?
Applicants must generally be over the age of 18 (although we do offer specific volunteer placements available for 16-17 year olds), and have from two weeks to six months available to work. Whether you are travelling on your own, with a group or with your family, and whether you are a student, taking a break from your job or even retired, they will find a project that you can contribute to.
A construction volunteer giving a helping hand

Countries where you can volunteer:

- Asia-Pacific (Australia, Borneo, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam)
- Africa (Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe)
Latin America (Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru)

 “What type of projects can I do?”
Kaya offer volunteer placements in environmental, marine and wildlife conservation as well as community development projects, which include work with disadvantaged groups, childcare, medicine and healthcare, building, film and photography, sports development, education, micro-finance, women's empowerment and many more areas.

Kaya also offer structured internships in a wide variety of fields including business, communications and marketing, graphic design, hospitality, NGO and international development, journalism, environmental sustainability, medical and healthcare, veterinary and many other specific areas. While on an internship with Kaya, you are able to develop your own skills and experience and improve your CV while also contributing to valuable development or conservation work.

Kaya’s project advisors work with you to decide which project is best for you and what type of work best matches your skills and interests. Here are some examples of what you can get involved in:

  • Environmental Preservation – From the Ecuadorian Rainforest to the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve in Australia, repair the damage done to some of the most beautiful and diverse places on earth.
  • Wildlife Conservation – Improve the population, environment and future of endangered species and rescued animals. All creatures great and small from Lion Rehabilitation in Zimbabwe to blue Macaw protection in Costa Rica.
  • Community Projects – Support communities in projects as diverse as preserving traditional Andean jewellery making techniques to helping empower women and girls through sport and education initiatives in Zambia.
  • Work with Children – Work with disadvantaged children on educational projects such as Early Years Teaching in Rural Thailand to volunteering at a Daycare centre for HIV/AIDS orphans in Swaziland.Teaching volunteers can make a difference to school children across the world
  • Sports – Help disadvantaged communities develop team work skills, communication and explain the impact of sport on health and well-being on projects such as Sports Coaching in Bolivia and Community Sports Coaching in Cape Town.
  • Education – From English teaching to education programmes for special needs, give disadvantaged communities a chance to have a better future and volunteer on projects such as Teaching and Teacher Development in Belize and Community Teaching and Cultural Immersion in India.
  • Building – Build houses, sanitation facilities, schools and many other needs on projects such as School Building and Garden Volunteering in Swaziland or a Building Project in the Philippines, available for both skilled and unskilled workers.
  • Health – Positions for qualified and training health professionals to develop their skills and support local staff. Work on health education, nutrition and in hospitals and field clinics such as a Medical Internship in Thailand and Public Health Volunteering in Tanzania.
  • Business - Help to develop the capacity and sustainability of organisations and develop your skills on projects as varied as a Micro-finance for Economic Development placement in Ghana to a Fair Trade Internship in the Amazon.
  • Arts - Share your creativity to support communities in need and the work of local NGOS by volunteering in the arts sector on projects like Arts and Crafts Sustainable Livelihoods Internship in South Africa or Music, Drama and Dance Volunteering in Cambodia.

All projects include airport pick-ups and drop-offs, accommodation, orientations and 24h support. Many of their placements also include all meals and some language classes so that you can get even more involved.


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