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Chiropterology Volunteer Project

This project is not for the faint-hearted, but it will be an amazing experience for bat lovers. In the heart of the dry forest (about 50 meters from our door) lies a system of caves that hosts colonies of different bats. This highly evolved species, despite being often depicted as evil and dangerous for humans, has a very important ecological role. Roosts surveying and monitoring will provide not only important information about bats on Utila, but also a great occasion to acquire more skills

February 26th 2016

Iguana Volunteer Project

This project is an exciting opportunity to get some first-hand field experience in the unique mangroves forest of this Caribbean island. Utila spiny-tailed iguanas, (Ctenosaura bakeri) are endemic to the island of Utila. This species has been listed as critically endangered, mainly due to its limited geographic range, increased habitat changes and destruction as well as over-harvesting of adults and eggs. The aim of this study is to gather ethological information about iguanas using different survey techniques.

February 26th 2016

Working Abroad Blog Post

Volunteer Medical Health care programs in La Ceiba, Honduras

This programme is designed for Medical students, Physicians, Nurses, Assistants, Translators and General health workers looking for effective ways to communicate with their patients by experiencing the language right in real situations and being involved directly with Spanish speaking patients and local medical residents at the Public Hospital in La Ceiba, Honduran Red Cross, Emilia D’Cuire primary school for the disabled and public clinics.

September 13th 2013