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Volunteer in Bali with Love Volunteers Reef Conservation Program

For those who love marine life and want to make a difference to the environment, this Marine Conservation program is guaranteed to placate the eco-warrior within you! Set in the picturesque traditional fishing village of Tianyar in north eastern Bali, this amazing program’s aim is to fundamentally change the unsustainable fishing practices currently employed there and establish a new model that both empowers local fishermen and protects the fragile marine environment.

April 30th 2018

Javan slow loris behavioural observations in Indonesia

Become a part of the first and longest-running study on slow lorises in beautiful West Java, Indonesia with the Little Fireface Project. Slow lorises are the only venomous primates and the Javan slow loris is currently critically endangered. Volunteers are needed to aid in our nocturnal data collection on Javan slow loris behaviour and ranging patterns. Data from our project has already helped to shape public policy internationally to help keep slow lorises in the wild and away from the illegal pet trade. So come join the LFP team and help us save the slow loris.

August 7th 2016

Gili Shark Conservation

A small data collection and research facility to promote shark conservation and conduct citizen scientific research essential for effective marine conservation management worldwide. We are looking for volunteer researchers to live and work alongside experienced research divers collecting, inputting, and analyzing data for multiple international research projects. No previous experience is needed, diving and scientific diving training is included. 2 week minimum, tuition fees include accommodation, 3 meals a day, airport transfers, all diving related costs, + more.

December 28th 2015