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If you’re thinking of volunteering with us at WorkingAbroad but can’t afford the cost of the programme you’re interested in, do not feel that all hope is lost. We understand that volunteering can be expensive, and we therefore are committed to ensuring that each and everyone one of our visitors has the chance to make a difference through volunteering.

Obtaining or gathering the required funds for your ambitions of volunteering abroad can be very difficult, particularly if you are a student looking to get some first-hand experience in your field of study whilst still continuing with your degree. Understandably, the inability to be able to afford to volunteer abroad puts many people off of choosing to volunteer, though there are in fact many ways in which you can raise money for your volunteering ambitions.

Main ways to fundraise:

  • If you are a student, your university might be an ideal place to start. Make sure that you speak with your course leader and discuss possible funding opportunities to help you with your volunteering – your university may be able to help directly or may be able to point you in the right direction.
  • If you are a member of a local community group, religious organisation or private club, make your volunteering cause well known and try to get others involved. Many religious establishments have funding bodies attached to them, and by making others aware of your intention of volunteering abroad there may be some who are willing to help you on your volunteer journey.
  • Look around for local grant-making bodies that specialise in the sector you are looking to volunteer in and contact them by writing a letter. Also consider writing to local organisations and companies and see whether they will be willing to sponsor your trip – but keep it short.
  • Sign up to an online fundraising website, specifically designed for those looking to raise money to volunteer abroad. Crowdfunding online is a great way to raise money for a volunteering trip overseas. There are some excellent fundraising tools across the web for people planning to volunteer abroad, so make sure you get involved with the online fundraising community to help give your volunteering ambitions the chance of fruition. You can visit some fundraising organisations which we recommend by clicking the links below. All of these sites will allow you to create your own fundraising profile and list one of our volunteer projects as your cause. You will also be able to share your profile with friends and family, as well as across the web, and people will be able to donate directly through your profile.

Fundraise to volunteer abroad with Fund my Travel

Fundraise to volunteer abroad

Other ways to fundraise:

  • Contact your local newspaper or media organisations, and let them know what you plan to do. Local media outlets and always interested in what their community is up to, and would likely be keen to learn more about your intentions of volunteering abroad – they may be able to help directly by promoting your cause.
  • Talk to your friends, family and co-workers and engage with them – whilst they might not necessarily be able to help directly with financing your volunteering, they might be able to be of assistance in helping to organise your trip and supplying you with other needed materials (they might even know individuals who would be interested in your cause)
  • Utilise social media and get word out online via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other – talk on volunteer organisations’ webpages and get visibility, as well as making statuses talking about your ambition to volunteer

Remember, whilst deciding on the ways in which you want to fundraise be sure to take note of those who you do contact and are interested in helping, and include them in your journey. For those that provide you with funds, bring them back something to commemorate their dedication to your cause and give back to those that helped you.

Volunteers completed programmeAlso ensure that you constantly remain realistic about your fundraising programme, and don’t expect the funds to be raised immediately. You may indeed find that there are times when nothing seems to be working for you, but remain committed and things will turn out for the best. Perhaps your fundraising doesn’t eventually cover all of your costs and you need to do some fundraising by yourself, so plan for this and look for ways in which you can save money during daily life as well.

Lastly, relish the experience and don’t be afraid to meet new people. Share your passion for your volunteering cause and never lose track of your end goal.