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On this page, you can read past editions of the WorkingAbroad magazine, featuring fantastic articles, stories and pictures from our volunteer projects around the globe.


Edition 10 - 2020

In this issue, find out all about the new WorkingAbroad volunteer projects available in 2020! Plus, information on our ‘Claws Out’ ethical wildlife campaign pledge, ideas for senior and family volunteering, and tips on slow travel opportunities.

Edition 9 - Spring 2019

In this issue, find out all about the brand new WorkingAbroad website design! Plus, information on a great documentary about ethical conservation volunteering in Africa which our co-founder Vicky was a part of.

Edition 8 - Winter 2018

In this edition, we give you an update on the achievements of our projects over the past year, as well as a look at the winners of the WorkingAbroad photo competition. We also give a look at upcoming projects for 2019.

Edition 7 - Autumn 2018

In this edition, we update you on a new project we have launched in Cambodia, plus an update from our elephant volunteer project in Thailand.

Edition 6 - Summer 2018

In this edition, we give updates on two new projects we have launched in Portugal and Sri Lanka, as well as details on the top 10 family volunteering projects abroad.

Edition 5 - Spring 2018

In this edition, we update you on three new projects we have launched in Costa Rica and Greece, and give an update on our WorkingAbroad photo competition.

Edition 4 - Winter 2017

In this winter edition, we look at the achievements of our volunteers over the past year, and give you the details of two new projects in Peru & Cambodia.

Edition 3 - Autumn 2017

This issue will update you on the latest projects we have launched in Cuba and Indonesia, plus a special feature on our White wilderness programme in Slovakia.

Edition 2 - Summer 2017

Summer has arrived and so has the latest edition of our magazine! This time, we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary, where you can find out what you have contributed to as a volunteer abroad. Also learn about the four new volunteer projects that we have launched since our last issue.

Edition 1 - Spring 2017

Spring has arrived and so has our new WorkingAbroad magazine! With every new season, we bring special features and new inspiration for your future travels. Find out more about our new volunteer programme in India, or listen to the story of a previous volunteer in Costa Rica.

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