Wildlife conservation and community volunteer projects and internships worldwide

Volunteer taking photos of dolphins and whales in Italy

Vicky McNeil

Co-founder and Director of WorkingAbroad

Vicky has a strong interest in travelling and visiting projects all over the world – her travels have taken her all across Africa, Asia and the Americas from the deep jungles of Malaysia and Ecuador, to the deserts of Namibia and India, from the dolphins and whales in Croatia and South Africa to the coral reefs and sea turtles in Mauritius and Costa Rica.  Vicky is a keen listener and an excellent advisor to all those who have questions about volunteering abroad, from gap year students and University groups up to family programmes and everything in between. She draws inspiration from wildlife photography, world music and culture, and her two daughters Chloe and Rosie!

A graduate from Durham University, UK, in Social Sciences and a TEFL qualified teacher, she has spent over 20 years travelling and working with volunteer organisations worldwide. Photographs from some of her travels can be seen here: http://www.vickykornevall.com


Andreas Kornevall WorkingAbroad DirectorAndreas Kornevall

Co-Founder and Director of WorkingAbroad

Andreas Kornevall is the co-Founder of WorkingAbroad. He also founded the School Tree Nursery initiative in the UK and is currently the Director of Operations for the Earth Restoration Service Charity and an ecological activist and campaigner for the Restore the Earth Project.  He also co-founded the Life Cairn memorial – a memorial for species rendered extinct at human hands.

His ecological work has won him recognition and endorsements from actress Joanna Lumley, HRH Prince of Wales and the “elders group” set up by musician Peter Gabriel.  A graduate in Public Relations and Communications (BPR) from Geneva, Switzerland, he has spent over twenty years working with volunteer programmes in the ecological, cultural and social sectors; collaborating across all the continents.

He is also a prize-winning writer and storyteller, please contact: andreas.kornevall@workingabroad.com

He runs his own website under www.kornevall.com

David J Johnston

Marketing and Communications Manager 

David J Johnston is a devoted conservationist and sustainable business entrepreneur with extensive experience in tropical forest conservation, particularly in the Peruvian Amazon. Through his Peruvian non-profit, co-founded in 2013, David played a key role in establishing the Las Piedras Conservation Corridor and the Las Piedras Amazon Center.

Since January 2021, he has been a important member of the WorkingAbroad family, managing marketing and communications to connect dedicated volunteers with non-profit and community-based projects in over 30 countries. In this capacity, David helps to heighten awareness of conservation issues and champion ethical volunteering.

Alongside his work at WorkingAbroad, David oversees communications for the Sustainable Business and Finance team at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and serves as an executive board member at Junglekeepers Peru, where he focuses on Conservation Enterprise and helps foster sustainable community development.


Jack WA ProfileJack Digman

Marketing and Communications Assistant

Alongside WorkingAbroad, Jack is a full-time Marine Wildlife Conservation professional in Natural England.  He has a passion for the marine environment and its conservation.  Jack has joined our Blue Lagoon project in Mauritius, our Ocean Spirits and Reef Buddy Grenada projects, the dolphin research project in Portugal and the Pacific sea turtle project in Costa Rica.  Jack initially joined us as an intern with WorkingAbroad for 2 years and has been our Marketing & Communications Assistant since 2021, running our social media accounts and managing our wonderful cohort of blog writers.


WorkingAbroad Blog Writers

We also have a team of talented writers who contribute articles to the WorkingAbroad Blog, on issues ranging from the environment, wildlife, travel, culture, to international development and much more. Interested in writing for us? Feel free to get in touch.

Emily Bowen

Eternally curious about the natural world and passionate about sharing its wonders, Emily aims to inspire awe and the desire to protect our planet and its incredible inhabitants through her writing. After graduating from a degree in Biological Sciences, she discovered a love for travelling and a passion for science communication, establishing her blog in 2018. Currently working in species reintroduction work at The Beaver Trust, Emily is pursuing a career in nature-focused and scientific journalism and hopes to make positive contributions for wildlife and nature conservation.

Gemma Blogger

Gemma Howard-Vyse

Gemma recently graduated in Classics from the University of Edinburgh and has a love of all things literary, classical, philosophical and ancient. She has a natural affinity with nature and feels most at home in the wilderness, up a tree or in the sea. She aspires to be an editor, specialising in sustainability and conservation, and to write about travelling, wildlife and the environment. Gemma hopes to return to where she was born in South Africa to spread awareness about the importance of conservation and environmental education.

Edward Foreman Blogger

Edward Forman

Edward is currently pursuing a research masters degree, at Durham University, focusing on developing a 600-year reconstruction of the Gulf Stream to constrain when it began weakening and thus its sensitivity to anthropogenic warming. While studying he helps run the university’s Conservation Society and teaches undergraduate students. He is passionate about wildlife and in particular the often-overlooked role of insects. After reading about the harmful impacts we are having on the environment, he is now enthusiastic about decarbonisation and sustainability. He has previously written for environmentally minded blogs on issues such as lithium extraction and biodiversity loss.

Lucy Blogger

Lucy Gordon

Lucy is a compassionate writer, having worked across the public sector for the last four years telling stories of change and transformation. With an enthusiasm for sharing powerful narratives of community bonds and sustainability innovation, she’s a keen traveller. Connections with family living all across the globe, she’s always looking for the next international trip and the stories that wait there to be uncovered.

Anna Juliet Stephens

Anna StephensAnna has spent over two years travelling South America, where she fell in love with the continent’s long coasts and vibrant cultures. She’s a passionate surfer, and follows the trail of surfing and Spanish on her trips abroad. Whilst studying for an MA in Anthropology of Development, Anna spent time living and working in the Peruvian Amazon. She has spent time studying traditional ecological knowledge and the impacts of globalisation. Anna is now working at the World Energy Council, where she continues to channel her creativity and storytelling through events and communications.

Sophie Blogger

Sophie Knaus

Sophie is a 25-year-old editor in the content marketing niche, who has a big passion for all things creative. During the pandemic, she has discovered a new love for the great outdoors, and nature and has become an avid birdwatcher. She enjoys educating herself and others about wildlife and sustainability causes.

Tamsin Appleton

Tamsin is an Anthropology and International Relations graduate with a passion for sustainable travel and a deep love for nature. Living in different locations worldwide, from Sydney to Taipei to Valencia, ignited her appreciation for experiencing different cultures and ways of life. Currently, she works as a freelance copywriter, often focusing on travel, tourism, and conservation. She enjoys sharing alternative narratives and perspectives through her writing.

Barbora bloggerBarbora Vaclavova

Barbora is a Brighton-based journalist with Slovak roots. She is passionate about the environment, exploring different cultures and perspectives, and living sustainably. Having studied Journalism with English language in Portsmouth, she currently works as a reporter for letsrecycle.com. Apart from daily news from the recycling world and writing about nature conservation, she likes to write features delving into social and cultural issues, more reflective personal pieces and short stories. When she’s not writing, she’s probably reading, swimming in the sea or daydreaming about her next trip.

Charlotte Gager

Charlotte GagerCharlotte is a 22-year-old journalism student in Portsmouth with an interest in environmental news and travel. When she isn’t studying for her degree, Charlotte loves to explore wildlife and feel grounded in nature. Travelling the world and discovering different cultures is also an important part of her life. She believes that writing about environmental issues and the beauty of wildlife can make a positive difference in society, helping people become more educated and value the importance of sustainability. One of her goals for the future is to be able to work as a journalist in different countries and write meaningful pieces about society, culture and biodiversity.

Adele Baker

Adele BakerAdele is deeply committed to contributing to the well-being of the world through collaborative efforts. Currently pursuing a degree in English Literature, she uncovered her passion for writing by writing for her university newspaper. Since then, Adele aspires to share comprehensive information about our diverse overseas work opportunities, aiming to inspire others to join the movement for a more nurtured and healthier world. By working with us, she seeks to strengthen her love for journalism (a career path she hopes to endure in the future) and through doing this aims to make meaningful contributions towards creating a better world, prioritising both the people and the environment.

Sarah Cook Blogger

Sarah Cook

Sarah is passionate about protecting wildlife and has visited conservation projects in countries including Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Guyana. She is based in Brighton where she volunteers for local environmental campaigns and enjoys taking ‘slow travel’ rail trips.

Freya Brodrick

Blogger Freya Brodrick

Freya is an ecology graduate and aspiring conservationist from the UK. Aged 18 she spent two weeks on a wildlife reserve in Zimbabwe and ever since then ethical volunteering abroad has been one of her greatest passions. In her free time Freya writes articles for environmental platforms such as Curious.Earth and Conservation-Careers, as well as the WorkingAbroad blog! Her other hobbies include sketching, and film photography.