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Volunteer taking photos of dolphins and whales in Italy

Vicky McNeil

Co-founder and Director of WorkingAbroad

Vicky has a strong interest in travelling and visiting projects all over the world – her travels have taken her all across Africa, Asia and the Americas from the deep jungles of Malaysia and Ecuador, to the deserts of Namibia and India, from the dolphins and whales in Croatia and South Africa to the coral reefs and sea turtles in Mauritius and Costa Rica.  Vicky is a keen listener and an excellent advisor to all those who have questions about volunteering abroad, from gap year students and University groups up to family programmes and everything in between. She draws inspiration from wildlife photography, world music and culture, and her two daughters Chloe and Rosie!

A graduate from Durham University, UK, in Social Sciences and a TEFL qualified teacher, she has spent over 20 years travelling and working with volunteer organisations worldwide. Photographs from some of her travels can be seen here: http://www.vickykornevall.com


Andreas Kornevall WorkingAbroad DirectorAndreas Kornevall

Co-Founder and Director of WorkingAbroad

Andreas Kornevall is the co-Founder of WorkingAbroad. He also founded the School Tree Nursery initiative in the UK and is currently the Director of Operations for the Earth Restoration Service Charity and an ecological activist and campaigner for the Restore the Earth Project.  He also co-founded the Life Cairn memorial – a memorial for species rendered extinct at human hands.

His ecological work has won him recognition and endorsements from actress Joanna Lumley, HRH Prince of Wales and the “elders group” set up by musician Peter Gabriel.  A graduate in Public Relations and Communications (BPR) from Geneva, Switzerland, he has spent over twenty years working with volunteer programmes in the ecological, cultural and social sectors; collaborating across all the continents.

He is also a prize-winning writer and storyteller, please contact: andreas.kornevall@workingabroad.com

He runs a blog under: http://andreaskornevall.com

Charlotte Laursen staff at WorkingAbroadCharlotte Laursen

Volunteer Coordinator 

A graduate in International Relations and European politics with experience in research and organisational work in various political and organisational environments. Charlotte is a keen traveller and has been engaged in humanitarian and development projects in Peru, Brazil and Ghana. She started out as a voluntary blogger in 2014 and then joined our team in early 2017 as a Volunteer Coordinator, now covering several volunteer programmes in South America.


Jack Digman at marine conservation projectJack Digman

WorkingAbroad Intern

Jack is a graduate in Environmental Geography and International Development from the University of East Anglia.  He has a passion for aquatic environments and their conservation and has always been especially interested in the ocean and its vast array of marine life. Having already visited countries such as Australia, Poland and Greece, Jack joined our Blue Lagoon project in Mauritius last year and has signed up to join our sea turtle and reef conservation Grenada projects in Summer 2019. He has previously worked in sports media, but now hopes to combine his writing and practical experience into helping with conservation practices and blog writing.




Beth Beale

WorkingAbroad Intern

Beth is a Geography and Sports Management student at Loughborough University in the UK. She is particularly passionate about ecotourism and conservation work, and enjoys photography and writing. She is a keen traveller and loves to explore and volunteer in new places as much as possible. She hopes to combine her love of sustainable travel and writing to contribute to conservation practices.

WorkingAbroad Blog Writers

We also have a team of talented writers who contribute articles to the WorkingAbroad Blog, on issues ranging from the environment, wildlife, travel, culture, to international development and much more. Interested in writing for us? Feel free to get in touch.

Amy Burchill

WorkingAbroad Intern Amy Burchill

Amy is a passionate writer with the aim to pursue a career in journalism and communications. She has a strong interest in environmental and ethical issues and hopes to use her writing skills to raise awareness. She enjoys travelling to new places and learning about new cultures but also regularly visits France and Scotland. She is also a graduate in English Literature and Creative Writing.

James Gaughan

WorkingAbroad blog writer James Gaughan

James is a freelance writer who lives in Toronto, Canada and has previously written for Narcity Media covering a variety of issues, including travel and sustainability. He has a passion for the environment and wildlife conservation. He has an Advanced Diploma in Journalism from Loyalist College and a certificate in Communications and Media Foundations from Centennial College.

Rae Hadley

Rae Hadley with bikeRae has an insatiable curiosity for the world and the way humans interact with their various environments. She is a self-confessed ‘creative thinker’, spinning ideas and drawing on her philosophical, sociological, and psychological background as a qualified Social Worker. Rae is a lifelong enthusiast of the outdoors life, choosing to live as close to and as harmoniously with nature as possible. In the UK it was boat living for 10 years and more recently her emphasis has been on travelling in as sustainable a manner as possible, and traversing the globe with her trusty bicycle steed, Tilly.

Mariana Diaz Fernandez

WorkingAbroad Blog Writer Mariana FernandezMariana is a recent graduate in Media for Development and Social Change from the University of Sussex, and specialised her studies in communication for wildlife conservation and environmental issues. Originally from Costa Rica, now based in Brighton, Mariana grew up surrounded by nature and taking care of the environment, and she is very passionate about animal welfare and wants to develop her career in this field. She’s very interested in the relationships and connections humans have with animals, and believes there is a lot we can learn from them.

Maisie Thorman

blankMaisie is a 20-year-old journalism student studying at the University of Sussex in the UK. She discovered her passion for travel whilst interrailing across Europe with 6 of her closest friends, exploring 7 countries in 30 days. She has found that blogging is the perfect outlet for her, as it provides an opportunity to combine her love of adventure and writing. Aside from travelling, she loves playing piano and writing music.

Barnaby Bourton

blankBarnaby is a content writer and marketing specialist who also has a degree in marine biology. Though originally from Brighton, he has spent the last 5 years living and working in Spain. As well as being a travel enthusiast he has always been passionate about the natural world, conservation and foreign culture. With a great desire to do good in the world Barnaby finds writing a great way to not only learn but also to raise awareness about important topics and initiatives.

Lydia Pratt

blankLydia is currently a 21-year-old student of Environmental Science, living in Kent. She has a long-standing interest into the environment and nature, of which led her to pursue a career either within conservation or journalism, to help give a platform to the environmental issues we face. Previously studying fashion pushed her to change paths after writing about the significant impacts of the fashion industry. Born in Australia, she plans to travel to many different countries in the coming years, including her birthplace, and document the full experience.

Rebecca Williams

blankRebecca is a recent graduate in Zoo Conservation Biology from Manchester Metropolitan University. She is passionate about wildlife and the environment, and hopes to pursue a career in communications to encourage more awareness and action for wildlife conservation issues. Rebecca loves travelling and the outdoors and has experience working on conservation and community empowerment projects in Thailand, where she found blog writing to be a great way to share her experiences and enthusiasm for wildlife.

Emily Bowen

blankEternally curious about the natural world and passionate about sharing its wonders, Emily aims to inspire awe and the desire to protect our planet and its incredible inhabitants through her writing. After graduating from a degree in Biological Sciences, she discovered a love for travelling and a passion for science communication, establishing her blog in 2018. Currently working as a Research Technologist, Emily is pursuing a career in nature-focused and scientific journalism and hopes to make positive contributions for wildlife and nature conservation.

Lucy O’Reilly

blankAs a second year Zoo Biology student at Nottingham Trent University, a profound interest and passion towards conservation of endangered species comes naturally to Lucy. This passion combined with a lust for travel has taken Lucy all over the world on her volunteering expeditions including Bali, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and most recently Costa Rica. She is currently completing a research project on the success of turtle hatchlings on the South Pacific of Costa Rica. Lucy hopes to educate and inspire through her blog writing and encourage others to partake in overseas volunteering opportunities.

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