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Community & Medical Volunteering Projects

"For me it really was a great experience. I loved everything about it! The Spanish school was super flexible and everyone was super helpful. The work with the dog shelter was also a lot of fun! I can only recommend this project and Cusco of course, which is an amazing place to start your travels!"

Celine Eninger, Germany

It can sometimes be easy to overlook the importance of community.  Sometimes it’s an element that goes unnoticed, operating silently in every part of the globe to ensure that people everywhere are supported by strong bonds and close connections.  The ideals that are integral to an appreciation of community are the same that drive conservation efforts.   This includes the belief that all life on our planet is interdependent and that the best way to see a prosperous and healthy future is in working together – across and within communities and between nature and humanity.

All of our community and medical volunteering projects in this respect are geared towards community development and upliftment; in cross-cultural experiences that help both communities and individuals to grow.  Our focus is particularly on a foundation of health and sustainability as key elements for a thriving global community.  We also aim to bring attention to women’s empowerment and education, specifically on conservationism and the value of ecology.

Our Projects with Community & Medical

  • Deep Ecology and Sea Turtle Conservation Programme, Costa Rica

    • Duration 1 week - 6 months
    • Prices from £433

    Volunteer at this agro-ecological farm and sea turtle conservation project on the stunning Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica.

  • Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Project, Costa Rica

    • Duration 4-12 weeks
    • Prices from £695

    Opportunities for volunteers and interns to work with rescued animals, with the objective to release them back into the wild.

  • Community Development Volunteer Project, Peru

    • Duration 2+ Weeks
    • Prices from £424

    Volunteer in Peru and experience the ancient city of Cusco and Sacred Valley, while assisting on various community development projects and learning Spanish.

  • Nepal Community Medical Volunteer Project

    • Duration 2-16 Weeks
    • Prices from £660

    Volunteer on a range of medical projects in Nepal, including working in a hospital as a medical elective placement, or on a medical trek camp providing essential health care to remote communities.

  • Ocean Research Conservation Project, South Africa

    • Duration 1 week - 10 months
    • Prices from £635

    Volunteer with dolphin, seal and whale research in South Africa. Take part in marine conservation, penguin rescue and educational projects along the South African coast.

  • Desert Elephants Volunteer Project, Namibia

    • Duration 2 - 12 weeks
    • Prices from £945

    Track desert elephants and take part in community building volunteer work in the beautiful Damaraland region of the Namib Desert.

  • Wildlife Conservation & San Bushmen Community Project, Namibia

    • Duration 10 days to 12 weeks
    • Prices from £1025

    Join this project as a wildlife conservation, carnivore conservation or medical volunteer and help conserve wildlife or provide medical care to the San Bushmen community. Specialist Wildlife Rehabilitation courses also available. Rhino Rangers anti-poaching programme also available.

  • Maldives Island Volunteer Project

    • Duration 1-12 Weeks
    • Prices from £1695

    Volunteer in the Maldives and join our sea turtle conservation, coral reef restoration and medical projects within the tropical island of Naifaru, the capital of the Lhaviyani Atoll.  We also offer a student vet programme and a family sea turtle eco programme too.

  • Karen Hill Tribe & Ethical Elephant Experience, Thailand

    • Duration 1 to 12 weeks in duration
    • Prices from £458

    Volunteer at an ethical elephant project in Thailand, learn about elephant behaviour and how to collect this data and contribute to community development, forest health & veterinary care of the animals in our community.  Live with and learn about the culture of the Karen Hill tribe.


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Celine Eninger, Germany

"For me it really was a great experience. I loved everything about it! The Spanish school was super flexible and everyone was super helpful. The work with the dog shelter was also a lot of fun! I can only recommend this project and Cusco of course, which is an amazing place to start your travels!"

Celine Eninger, Germany
Main Areas of Work

Main Areas of Work

There are a number of different ways you can help make your mark and be involved on a community level across the globe.  Global health is always important, and our medical volunteering projects aim to provide support to those communities that are in dire need of assistance.  You can participate in primary healthcare treatments and emergency referrals; if you choose to do some medical volunteering in Namibia. You can be on the frontline of providing basic first aid and medical education in Nepal or you can assist in the various medical volunteering projects in the Maldives.

On a community level, you can volunteer with local farmers in Nepal who rely on their land and traditional agricultural methods to sustain themselves and their families.

Primary Concerns

Primary Concerns

It would be difficult to disagree that often at the root of many of our community and environmental concerns is a lack of education.  This is why throughout all the projects, alongside hands-on support, is a focus on learning about health, sustainability and the environment.

There is also though, an emphasis on cultural appreciation and spirit.  In Nepal, volunteers live with the families in rural areas and really get to be a part of their daily lives and communities.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

  • Improving sanitation, water supply, personal hygiene and management of water resources could prevent nearly 10% of diseases and 6.3% of all deaths around the world?
  • There are about 200 million women around the world who do not have access to effective family planning methods, like reproductive information and care services, despite the desire to use these resources?
  • Tuberculosis still remains a major health problem despite being a curable disease? There were about 10.4 million new TB cases in 2015.
  • From 1990 to 2010, more than 2 billion people gained access to safe drinking water, but 748 million people are still without this valuable resource?