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The Wildlife of Sulawesi, Wallace’s Anomalous Island

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 29th Nov 2017

In his latest post, WorkingAbroad blogger Sean Feagan reports on the endangered wildlife of Sulawesi island in Indonesia and the importance of conserving this biodiversity hotspot.

The Importance of Conserving the Amazon Rainforest

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 27th Nov 2017

In her latest article, WorkingAbroad blogger Brenna Saunders talks about the global importance of the Amazon rainforest and the conservation efforts being made to protect it.

Press Release - Child Welfare: UK volunteer organisation bans all orphanage volunteer projects

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 23rd Nov 2017

The UK based volunteer organisation, Working Abroad Projects has decided to remove all orphanage volunteering projects from its website

The “Unexpecteds” of Travelling Abroad

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 21st Nov 2017

WorkingAbroad blogger Elle Cote talks about her experiences of travelling in Europe and gives some tips for encountering the unexpected when overseas.

The top 10 Volunteer Abroad Projects for 2018

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 9th Nov 2017

2018 is just around the corner, and is set to be another successful year for our many volunteer and internship projects around the world. This article represents the top 10 best volunteer abroad projects for you to visit in 2018

WorkingAbroad Podcast #1 - South Africa

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 8th Nov 2017

In our first ever podcast, WorkingAbroad co-founders Andreas & Vicky discuss volunteering abroad in South Africa, the various volunteering opportunities available, ethical considerations when volunteering with wildlife, and some of their own experiences of travelling in the country.

What Retirement Means for Elephants

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 2nd Nov 2017

Our Elephant Volunteer Project in Mae Chaem, Thailand, recently brought a new elephant into retirement.