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Make an upROAR!

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 28th Nov 2014

WorkingAbroad blogger Charlotte explores the role of lion conservation projects and their efforts to tackle the poaching trade in South Africa

Retire our Whales!

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 3rd Nov 2014

Many animal species are condemned to a life in captivity. The case of captive cetaceans is no different. But there are ways to engage with dolphins, orcas and whales that do not entail poor and stressful conditions.

“Cocktail Turtle” causes a stir in Watamu

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 22nd Oct 2014

Its been a busy few months in Watamu with the By Catch Release Programme as busy as ever, lots of new hatchlings and plenty of successful rehabilitations.

Update from Kariega Game Reserve

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 10th Oct 2014

Spring has arrived on Kariega Game Reserve as staff and volunteers welcome two newborn elephants and a baby white rhino!

March Against Extinction!

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 3rd Oct 2014

Its coming to the end of the rainy season in Thailand and despite some difficult weather conditions and a bout of Dengue fever for co-founder Emily, the elephants are thriving. Our Elephant Volunteer Project has decided to march against the extinction of elephants. Find your city and JOIN US on the 4th October!

Global Wildlife Numbers Drop by 50% in Just 40 years

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 2nd Oct 2014

Research suggests that the number of wild animals has plummeted in the last 40 years, dropping by 52%. This report should make everyone heed the call to action and take part in global conservation efforts aiming to safeguard the future of our planet and its wildlife.

Turtle update from Drake Bay in Costa Rica

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 29th Sep 2014

Rosanna Daumas gives an account of her time as a Pacific sea turtle conservation volunteer and a background on life, the wildlife and the friendly community of people living in Drake Bay.

Two New Elephants Arrive at our Volunteer project in Thailand

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 13th Aug 2014

An update from our Elephant volunteer project in Thailand, who have just taken in two new elephants to the sanctuary; baby elephant Boon & his mother Kham Mee.

Update from Watamu Turtle Project, Kenya

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 19th May 2014

An update on the recent work which has been going on at our Watamu Sea Turtle Volunteer project in Kenya, including sea turtle conservation, community outreach and environmental education.

Kariega Update from the Field

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 8th May 2014

March and April see the hot, balmy summer slowly drawing to a close in the Eastern Cape as the nights become shorter and the days become cooler. However this does not mean our Kariega volunteers are any less busy; here’s an update on what we have been up to.