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21st Century Conservation: Drones in anti-poaching efforts

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 17th Jan 2018

In this article, WorkingAbroad blogger Sean Feagan examines the potential of drone technology to enhance conservation and anti-poaching efforts.

Capturing Wild Animals of the Rainforest in Motion

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 9th Jan 2018

In the latest blog, the photography intern Jaime Thomas tells about developing the skills to capture flying bats in motion at our Photography programme in the Amazon rainforest

Photography Volunteer in the Amazon

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 26th Sep 2017

In this blog, volunteer Wouter van Kootwijk describes the process of taking different types of pictures at our Photography volunteer programme in the Amazon.

Reflections of a Conservation Volunteer in Africa

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 25th Jan 2017

In this blog post, volunteer David Booth describes first-hand his experiences of working as a conservation volunteer in Africa, as well as providing some great photos from his travels.