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Supporting rebuilding efforts in Nepal

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 7th Jul 2015

On 25 April 2015, Nepal experienced one of the worst natural disasters witnessed in the country since the 1934-earthquake. The earthquake killed almost 9,000 people, injured even more and left hundreds of thousands of people homeless. Since the earthquake hit, Education and Health Nepal has been visiting several of the towns and cities which were affected.

The story of an elephant named Mae Kam

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 22nd Jun 2015

After a successful fundraising campaign, our Elephant Project in Thailand has secured permanent freedom for Mae Kam, the first elephant to join the retirement program in 2012. There was the risk that she would have to be returned to the trekking camps and subjected to tourist rides & abuse, but she will now be able to stay permanently at the project and live freely in the forest.

Make Smart Choices When Volunteering

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 28th Apr 2015

WorkingAbroad blogger Charlotte Laursen takes a look at the business of "canned hunting" and how, by staying informed, volunteers can avoid organisations that may support this.

The Value of ‘Voluntourism’

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 26th Mar 2015

New research released by VSO and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) highlights the valuable contribution volunteers make to community development and social change.

A Look At What WorkingAbroad Volunteers Have Achieved

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 5th Mar 2015

Recently we took it upon ourselves to find out exactly what our volunteers have achieved whilst working abroad. With such a positive picture emerging we would like to celebrate their dedicated hard work and share some findings with you!

Thandi - a symbol of courage and hope

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 21st Jan 2015

While the news these days can make you feel even more hopeless about what kind of world we are leaving for future generations, it is a story like the one of Thandi that makes us all a bit more hopeful.

Make an upROAR!

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 28th Nov 2014

WorkingAbroad blogger Charlotte explores the role of lion conservation projects and their efforts to tackle the poaching trade in South Africa

Realities of a Favela

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 11th Nov 2014

WorkingAbroad blogger Charlotte describes her experience of volunteering with children on a community development project in a favela in Irajá, Rio de Janeiro.

Retire our Whales!

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 3rd Nov 2014

Many animal species are condemned to a life in captivity. The case of captive cetaceans is no different. But there are ways to engage with dolphins, orcas and whales that do not entail poor and stressful conditions.

March Against Extinction!

Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on 3rd Oct 2014

Its coming to the end of the rainy season in Thailand and despite some difficult weather conditions and a bout of Dengue fever for co-founder Emily, the elephants are thriving. Our Elephant Volunteer Project has decided to march against the extinction of elephants. Find your city and JOIN US on the 4th October!