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April 6th 2024

Since the pandemic, we are all much more aware of the link between our health and the environment. We know that the climate directly impacts human health through connections like our food, where we get our energy and how we travel and our transport. There is clear scientific evidence that working on solutions to the climate crisis can directly and positively impact our health. 

Medical volunteer giving checkup in NepalNepal Volunteers | Community Volunteering | Working AbroadHow is our health connected to our environment? 

Modern food systems often mean overly processed food is the most affordable and widely available. This is having a negative impact all over the world, as we see the increase of diseases such as obesity, heart attacks, stroke and diabetes – driven by poor nutrition. 

The burning of fossil fuels for energy is also a great health risk: causing air damaging pollution and contributing to an increase in lung disease. For example, common lung disease like chronic bronchitis is now the third leading cause of death worldwide.

Our existing transport systems often contribute to air pollution or encourage sedentary lifestyles. In the world’s poorest populations, many people have no option but to walk to access education, health and employment.  

What is World Health Day and why does it matter? 

World Health Day is on April 7 and it has a simple message: health for all. This means giving people access to healthcare without financial hardship. World Health Day is promoted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the date reflects the day the WHO was founded. 

In 2024, the theme for World Health Day is ‘My health, my right’. This is intended to champion everyone’s right to healthcare, as this is threatened by disease, disaster, conflict and the climate crisis. This year, World Health Day will shine a light on the right of everyone, everywhere to have access to quality health services, relevant education and information, clean drinking water, clean air and good housing and environmental conditions. 

WorkingAbroad takes action for both nature and society and we are passionate about having a positive impact in the communities we operate in.  

Medical camp in NepalNepal Volunteers | Community Volunteering | Working Abroad

How could you get involved?

We offer opportunities to volunteer on healthcare and medical projects in places like Nepal. This programme offers the chance to support rural communities with essential healthcare, volunteer in government hospitals or work in medical camps.

You could take on a medical placement in the cities of Pokhara or Kathmandu or join a medical trek from Pokhara to offer health support to remote communities living in the Himalayas.  

“The host family were extremely welcoming and made me feel as if I became a part of the family despite the language barrier. I was included in all family events and was spoiled. I would definitely recommend volunteering in Nepal, an experience I will never forget.” – Rebecca Airey

All of our community and medical volunteering projects in this respect are geared towards community development and upliftment; in cross-cultural experiences that help both communities and individuals to grow. Our focus is particularly on a foundation of health and sustainability as key elements for a thriving global community. We also aim to bring attention to women’s empowerment and education, specifically on conservationism and the value of ecology.

Other options can be found in Peru which are similar, while there are also lots that are more focused towards supporting animal health as a veterinarian. You can check out all the options here if this blog has inspired you to get involved!

Written by WorkingAbroad Blogger Sarah Cook

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