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Posted by WorkingAbroad Projects on Wednesday, 8th January 2014

Today we bring you some exciting news from a former volunteer named Josh, who since finishing his teaching volunteer project in Cambodia has gone on to set up his own organisation - an organisation that aims to help with the aid distribution efforts in The Philippines.

Below are extracts from an article on the Volunteer in Cambodia website. The article can be read in its entirety here, for those who are interested in learning more.Josh carries an aid parcel from a boat in The Philippines

Josh and his partner Arion set up the Direct Assistance Relief Effort (DARE) in a bid to tackle the problem of aid distribution in the Philippines.   They have distributed supplies to hundreds of families.

DARE’s aim is to provide relief directly to communities that are being overlooked by the larger NGO’s efforts, where the most pressing need has been for food. The first area to receive assistance was Lantangan village on Gigantes Island. DARE delivered 323 food packs each containing 2kg of rice, noodles, canned goods, 500g of sugar and some coffee and milk.

DARE went on to provide food relief to over 200 families in Kalibo and Binantuan in Panay Municipality, Capiz. The indigenous population of Libacao, Central Aklan, also received assistance with food packages being provided for over 200 more families.”

DARE aid distribution workers working in The PhilippinesJosh identified the three main challenges that DARE faced: private transport, local leadership structures and struggling to leave the communities behind once they had delivered aid. As a solution the team bought as many of the goods as possible from the affected communities or as close by as possible. It was also hoped that this would be beneficial in stimulating the local economy.”

Not only is this fantastic news for those who will be direct recipients of Josh and Arion’s work in Cambodia, but also for the organisations who helped to inspire him.

Having chosen to volunteer abroad, Josh identified a pressing issue that needed attention and found a solution. We hope that others may be equally as inspired on their stays whilst volunteering abroad, and help local communities to receive all that they need in order to survive and to reach their potential.

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