"Sitting by the fire with a cup of tea, staring at the stars - that’s all you need to be happy!"

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Build week was fun and interesting. Working hard but with plenty of rest and good company. Camp was so well organized and the sanitary conditions were unfounded. Slept really well,  great (!) food. Suggested the staff publish a recipe book with photos etc. Could be sold for the ‘coffee table’ and a possible earner.

It was a great experience living on a farm seeing first hand the challenges the farmers face. It’s such an inhospitable land. The beauty of the land is intense and there are plenty of opportunities to go for walks, take photos and take it all in. Work was rewarding and fun. Patrol week was a massive privilege. The expert knowledge of our guides just enhanced the incredible experience of observing these amazing creatures at such close Volunteer in Namibia on this Elephant Project to witness scenes like thisrange. Everyday brought more amazing situations and when we could watch the herds at one of the water points, it brought the whole experience to full circle. Camping in the foothills of Brandberg Mountain I will never forget. The Brandberg is so dramatic and absolutely beautiful. Learning about  the animal tracks was really interesting. Chris, Mattias and Marius were brilliant. I will recommend this project and cannot find a negative comment- maybe a little too much gem squash!!!! Thank you to the staff! It has been a huge privilege


Where do I start? It has been an amazing two weeks and I wish it wasn’t coming to an end. Build week was hard work but a great learning experience. We started building a new water point wall for a farmer that had been “visited” often by elephants. We all worked within our own abilities and everyone - staff and volunteers - helped each other out. Duties ranged from mixing cement, sand and aggregate (to make concrete) to collecting rocks for the wall to stacking the rocks and concrete up to form the wall. In the evenings we took turns cooking. I was a little worried about food, being a vegetarian, but realized quickly that I had no need to be – between Thai green curry, veggie potjie, (veg) spaghetti Bolognese etc. It was quite luxurious, I must say. The volunteers ranged from students to accountants to graphic designers, from different countries and across all age groups. It was a great mix and everyone was really friendly. It was a great chance to interact with people from all walks of life.

During patrol week, we spent the week following the elephant herds to observe them and collect pictures and data for the project’s records. I found out that staff on the project share the information with the Namibian government so it’s really valuable work being done to protect the species. The highlight of patrol week for me was when three elephants came right up to our jeep, looked at us, sniffed the jeep with their trunks and walked on. Such a special moment I’ll never forget.

Special thanks to Chris, Mattias and Marius for making this such a wonderful trip for us all. Between Chris’ insight and enthusiasm, Mattias’ brilliant sense of humour and Marius’ extensive knowledge on everything under the sun, it really was the perfect combination. Thanks, guys-you were truly fantastic!

All-in-one, a very insightful trip. I’ve learnt a lot about nature, Namibia, elephants and discovered so much about myself. The best moment for me? Staying up every night to watch the stars in the sky, it was truly magical. One fine night I saw a shooting star for the first time. And I made a wish.

This was a life-changing experience. My only regret is not staying longer.



My first trip to Namibia and a wonderful experience. Build week was challenging but fun, my favourite job was the rock run though I don’t think I could ever compete with Mattias in a rock lifting competition. Everybody worked hard and we got as much of the wall build as possible hopefully the next group will finish it. Whilst I enjoyed build week the real highlight of the trip for me was patrol week, following the elephants and at times having them very close to the vehicles checking us out was one of the best experiences of my life, they are without doubt one of the most intelligent species on earth, but someone needs to tell Voortrekker to stop showing off.

Track elephants on this volunteer project and learn about their behaviourI would recommend this trip to anyone who has a love for wildlife in their hearts. All the guys who work on the project are fantastic and have an in-depth knowledge of the Namibian wildlife and the issues  they face.

The project is run by wonderful people and I hope they are around for a long time to help conserve one of planet earth’s most iconic species.

Thanks all

Mark Jameson

It was a really amazing experience to be so close to the elephants! I really enjoyed the two weeks far away from civilization. Everyone should do this, because we don’t need much to be happy. Sitting by the fire with a tea, in the night starring at the stars-that’s all you need to be happy!

Thanks a lot to Chris, Mattias and Marius, they did a great job! Hope this project will exist for a long time!

Thanks for all,

Christiane Werum

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