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  • Carnivore Conservation Kanaan Desert, Namibia

    The Carnivore Conservation Project in the Kanaan Desert aims to establish an unfenced wildlife reserve, creating a refuge for endangered species. The area covers 33,000 hectares of stunning desert scenery. During your stay, you will get hands-on experience with a variety of skills such as mapping using a GPS, capture mark release (using GPS tracking collars), radio telemetry tracking, game counts, camera trapping and maintenance and security.

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  • Rural Health Camp Volunteer, Nepal

    Medical volunteers are needed to help to provide basic first aid & medical education to the population, to record healthcare data and identify any issues which may be specific to the area, do basic testing (e.g. blood pressure, blood glucose, hearing) and so on, at medical camps run in rural Nepal. It’s very challenging work, but an effective way of providing healthcare to remote areas. The project runs on set camp dates throughout the year.

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  • Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Programme in Indonesia

    Volunteer in Indonesia with rescued wildlife such as Orangutans at a Wildlife Rescue Centre in North Sulawesi. The centre is located in a regional wildlife trafficking hotspot, and animals from all over the vast Indonesian archipelago have suffered this trade route.

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  • White Wilderness - Carpathian Wolf Watch Volunteer Project

    Follow the tracks of Wolves and Lynx in the beautiful Tatra mountains in Slovakia. Learn about the art of tracking, reading signs in nature and also about the plight of the mythic wolf.

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  • Cloud Forest Conservation Project, Ecuador

    The aim of this programme is to help to conserve a part of the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest by participating in tree planting, trail work, research activities, sustainable living and food production as well as community projects. Conservation and Sustainability Volunteers can join this programme all year round from 1 week up to 3 months in duration. We also offer weekly lectures, bi-weekly hikes, the opportunity for cultural exchange with the Ecuadorian staff, and friendships with other volunteers from around the world.

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  • Elephant Volunteer Project, Laos

    Volunteer with elephants at a sanctuary in Laos. Experience elephants in an ethical way in a beautiful forest setting, where elephants are able to live freely.

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  • Carnivore and Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra Research, Namibia

    Located in the majestic Naukluft Mountain range and the Tsauchab river system these environments along with springs provide specialised ecosystems and contain highly adapted wildlife that the Neuras team strives to protect and study. As well as protecting wildlife Neuras also produces wine on-site and volunteers can assist with harvesting, bottling, and labelling, all of which are done by hand. This novel approach helps to sustain the conservation project.

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  • Coastal and Marine Conservation Volunteer, Spain

    Volunteers can discover the unique flora and fauna of the Montgo Natural Park with more than 650 different plant species; the Marine Reserve of Cape San Antonio, corals, Posidonia oceanica meadows and a wide range of wildlife. It’s also a unique place to see whales and dolphins from springtime to autumn (if you are very lucky!). Coastal & marine conservation volunteers will also experience the Pego Wetland Natural Park, where volunteers will find a great diversity of birds and endemic vegetation in one of the most amazing places in Spain.

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  • Volunteer Coordination Intern, Mauritius

    Volunteer in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and take part in a coral reef monitoring and marine conservation programme. Become the volunteer coordinator and be responsible for the coordination of all volunteers helping in the beautiful Blue Bay Marine Park. Interns can join the project all year round for 2 to 5 months.

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  • Environmental Volunteering on a Traditional Farming Project, Nepal

    Live alongside a family and help them work in the nearby rice fields. Placements are available in several locations including the Terai of Chitwan in southern Nepal, and the foothills of the Himalayas near Gerkhu. By becoming a part of the family you will truly experience the real life of Nepal and its people. Volunteer for between 2 and 16 weeks.

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