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  • California Conservation Volunteer Project

    An opportunity to volunteer all across National Parks and Nature Reserves throughout California, whilst gaining experience in ecological restoration and conservation work.

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  • Conservation Volunteers in New Zealand

    Volunteer on a range of conservation projects and help to protect, preserve and restore New Zealand’s environment.

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  • Inca Archaeology Volunteer project in Huyro, Peru

    Join the Inca Archaeology project and help uncover the secrets of historical sites around the famous Machu Picchu! At the Inca Archaeology project, volunteers will assist with work in the centre of Huyro, district of Huayopata, which belongs to the buffer zone of the archaeological park of Machu Picchu. Here archaeological remains are still being investigated, and volunteers support the excavations in the area, help with the cleaning and conservation of parks, and assist in the enhancement of the parks in the area.

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  • Wildlife Rescue Conservation Internship, Costa Rica

    This Wildlife Rescue centre rescues injured and abandoned animals with the aim of returning them to the wild as soon as they are fit and able. For those who can no longer fend for themselves in the wild, we make them as comfortable as possible and hope that their presence will help to educate others of the dangers these precious animals face and what we can do to live more harmoniously with them in nature. Conservation interns are expected to help the Rescue Centre educate the public on our goals towards the rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction of wildlife as well as the issues we face.

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  • Veterinary and Conservation Experience, South Africa

    This programme offers veterinary work experience for whether you are applying for the first time, or looking to expand your portfolio. Our courses are carefully designed for vet studies criteria whilst giving you the chance to work on the award-winning Shamwari Game Reserve. The courses give students hands-on experience in the best ways to treat African wildlife.

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  • Nature’s Valley Conservation Education Volunteers, South Africa

    Join this hands-on Volunteer Programme and help protect the environmental integrity of Nature’s Valley. Volunteers will gain experience in a wide range of skills whilst getting an insight into life as a conservationist in Africa. Become a conservation education volunteer and take part in a grassroots project that brings real change to communities and how they see the natural resources they use. This is an opportunity to engage local school children, project partners, conservation professionals and the local community.

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  • Playa Tortuga Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Programme, Costa Rica

    Conservation volunteers work within a non-profit biological research and education centre, helping to protect a number of different sea turtle species on the Playa Tortuga reserve. There are 4 potential species of sea turtles which can be seen nesting at different times of the year; Olive Ridley/ ‘Lora’ (Lepidochelys olivacea), Green (Chelonia mydas), Leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) and Hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata). They are all in danger of extinction.

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  • Amazon Medicinal Plant Research Volunteer & Internship Project, Peru

    Volunteer or intern in Peru to work alongside expert biologists and local communities teaching about medicinal plants of the Amazon rainforest, conservation efforts and eco-tourism development.

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  • Nursing Placements and Midwife Positions Volunteers, Maldives

    s a volunteer on the nursing programme, you will be given extensive duties which include; Direct care of patients, Dressing of wounds, Hygiene, Administering medicine, Taking blood samples & cannulation. Aside from being able to give much more in-depth care, you will also be able to experience duties which fall into different departments. At the moment the hospital has the following specialists: Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, Anaesthetists, General Practitioners, Dentists, Paediatricians (planned).

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  • Giant Tortoise Conservation Volunteer, Galapagos

    As a Galapagos Tortoise conservation volunteer, you will work with the Galapagos National Park as a member of the staff at the Tortoise Breeding Center. Volunteer tasks will include; Feeding and caring for the tortoises, as well as maintaining their enclosure, Assisting the zookeepers and Working directly with the public to educate tourists by informing them of the rules and regulations designed to keep the tortoises safe and the habitats intact.

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