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  • Oregon Nature Conservancy Programme, USA

    Opportunity for Ecology and Botany students to work closely with conservation professionals in the Zumwalt Prairie in North Eastern Oregon in the USA.

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  • Nature’s Valley Research Ecology Volunteers, South Africa

    Research volunteers will work on long term ecological projects, experiencing conservation-based research in several different biomes and habitat types including beach, estuary, river, fynbos (shrubland or heathland vegetation), forest and urban areas. This project will give you a range of experience, working with whales, dolphins, fish, aquatic macroinvertebrates, seals, marine birds, primates and more!

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  • San Bushmen Medical Programme, Namibia

    As a volunteer on the San Bushmen Medical Programme, you will help provide primary healthcare to the local community and surrounding area in which around 500 San and Herero people live. Around 80% of the patients treated are San. The San are considered to be the oldest culture in the world and currently live in extreme poverty. Often suffering from malnutrition, disease, discrimination and abuse the San Bushmen Programme is providing a lifeline to this community through healthcare and education.

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  • Elephant Volunteer Project, India

    The project rescues a number of orphaned, injured, and displaced wildlife found in cities and locations from wherever they are forced to work in India. As a volunteer with wildlife in India, you will have the opportunity to assist with the conservation and support of elephants at the project’s ethical rescue centres. Typical duties with the elephants include chopping fruit, feeding them, and going on walks.

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  • Sea Turtle Nest Monitoring Volunteer, Galapagos

    Join a dynamic team of volunteers and local staff while giving back to the community in the Galapagos Islands. As a sea turtle nest monitoring volunteer, you will assist the Galapagos National Park staff by taking critically important nesting baseline data. This will include identifying species (hawksbill or green), determining nesting patterns and monitoring nest sizes.

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  • Sustainable Agriculture Volunteer Project, Galapagos

    Volunteers will learn local techniques for sustainable tropical agriculture and will help to create food sovereignty, lower the carbon footprint of island life, lower waste from shipping materials, lowers cost to local consumers, increase local income, and increase the nutritional content of the food available in Isabela, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

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  • Ecotourism Volunteer Project, Galapagos

    As an ecotourism volunteer in the communications department at the Galapagos National Park you will gather information that will help the national park staff make important ecotourism decisions. This will include running satisfaction questionnaires at visitor sites, generating statistical data and creating databases based on the surveys you administer.

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  • Kariega Big Five Game Reserve Volunteer Programme, South Africa

    Become a Wildlife Conservation Volunteer in a Big Five Game Reserve in South Africa, and get involved in elephant, rhino and lion monitoring programmes.

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  • Amazon Tropical Mammal Conservation Research Programme, Peru

    The Mammal Research team aims to better understand the current status of the diverse wildlife found in the Las Piedras Watershed. The team uses two primary strategies: transects and camera trapping. It uses these to determine the presence and densities of certain mammals on the reserve, as well as the predator-prey relationships between them. It also looks at their foraging behaviour. Volunteers will learn how to run visual encounter surveys of mammals, setup and maintain camera traps, and revise and analyse the data collected.

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  • Bear Volunteer Project, India

    As a volunteer with wildlife in India, you will have the opportunity to assist with the conservation and support of bears at the project’s ethical rescue centres. Typical duties at the bear sanctuary include building hammocks for Sloth Bears to rest in, constructing enrichment structures for play and assisting keepers on daily afternoon feedings.

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