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  • Sea Search Whale & Dolphin Research Volunteer Programme, South Africa

    Based in Muizenberg, Cape Town (South Africa) our research mainly focuses on the cetacean species in False Bay. Long term volunteers/ students can join the project at any time throughout the year but are expected to join the team for a minimum of 2 months up to a maximum of 6 months in duration. If your university requires you to undertake a short research project, we can help devise the project through discussion with team leaders who would then supervise your project. During this time you would mainly be involved with data processing and analysis with ad hoc fieldwork that contributes to our current projects.

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  • Sea Turtle Nest Monitoring Volunteer, Galapagos

    Join a dynamic team of volunteers and local staff while giving back to the community in the Galapagos Islands. As a sea turtle nest monitoring volunteer, you will assist the Galapagos National Park staff by taking critically important nesting baseline data. This will include identifying species (hawksbill or green), determining nesting patterns and monitoring nest sizes.

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  • Rhino Rangers Anti-Poaching Programme, Namibia

    This unique opportunity allows volunteers to experience and learn from our inspiring Anti-Poaching Unit (APU), who dedicate their lives to protecting our wildlife. In today’s world, these efforts are of increasing importance for us to ensure the survival of the majestic animals who are at home here in Namibia but at risk every day.

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  • Orangutan Conservation Volunteer Project, Indonesia

    Join the Borneo Orangutan Conservation project in Indonesia as a volunteer, and assist a project in the forefront of wildlife conservation.

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  • Mangetti Wildlife Conservation Volunteering, Namibia

    Volunteers will assist our researchers in documenting the movements and activities of elephant and wild dog. Using GPS and VHF monitoring technology, motion-sensitive trail cameras and traditional spoor (footprint) tracking techniques, come and delve into the lives of the world’s largest land animal and one of Africa’s most endangered carnivore species.

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  • Playa Tortuga Butterfly Garden Volunteering Project, Costa Rica

    The objectives of the Butterfly Garden project is the investigation of native species of butterflies (Siproeta stelenes, Caligo memnon, Heraclides thoas, Dryas iulia) in the reserve and all aspects of their reproductive cycle and plant foods. Environmental education workshops will also take place, whereby members of the local community will visit the garden and volunteers will help to conduct educational tours and classes. Volunteers can also help to develop workshops for local schools.

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  • Wolf Conservation Volunteer Project, Portugal

    Volunteer at an ethical wolf sanctuary. Learn about wolf conservation in Portugal whilst supporting the welfare of the endangered Iberian wolf.

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  • Equine Experience, Namibia

    Volunteers will stay at the wildlife sanctuary and spend their time here with the on-site horses. Mornings will be spent helping with cleaning and feeding, training young and new horses, as well as taming and raising foals. Training will involve the use of Natural Horsemanship and Parelli tactics. These training strategies involve playful work from the ground as well as longer training rides in the bush with the more experienced horses.

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  • Kariega Big Five Game Reserve Volunteer Programme, South Africa

    Become a Wildlife Conservation Volunteer in a Big Five Game Reserve in South Africa, and get involved in elephant, rhino and lion monitoring programmes.

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  • Playa Tortuga Environmental Education Volunteering Project, Costa Rica

    You will have the opportunity to be part of the workshops, prepare materials, make crafts, conduct and work with children of the schools during the workshops, and participate in the maintenance of our Butterfly garden, data collection, care of pupae, feed and release butterflies, as well as the opportunity to help us care for the plants. If you have at least basic Spanish for this programme, that would be very helpful.

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