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  • Carnivore and Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra Research, Namibia

    Located in the majestic Naukluft Mountain range and the Tsauchab river system these environments along with springs provide specialised ecosystems and contain highly adapted wildlife that the Neuras team strives to protect and study. As well as protecting wildlife Neuras also produces wine on-site and volunteers can assist with harvesting, bottling, and labelling, all of which are done by hand. This novel approach helps to sustain the conservation project.

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  • Wolf Conservation Volunteer Project, Portugal

    Volunteer at an ethical wolf sanctuary. Learn about wolf conservation in Portugal whilst supporting the welfare of the endangered Iberian wolf.

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  • Statia Sea Turtle Volunteer Programme, St. Eustatius

    Volunteer in the Dutch Caribbean on the stunning island of St. Eustatius, and join the St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation and help to protect and conserve their National and Marine Parks. You will have the opportunity to spend time doing various conservation volunteer projects across the parks including those which help protect local sea turtle populations.

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  • Playa Tortuga Mammal Inventory Monitoring Project, Costa Rica

    Conservation volunteers work within a non-profit biological research and education centre, using camera traps to monitor the diverse array of mammal species in Playa Tortuga. Within the Reserve, there are more than 11 species of mammals – the most common being raccoons, coatis, kinkajous, weasels, River Otters, Tayra and Monkeys. Capuchin Monkeys are easy to find into the Reserve forest, others such as Anteaters, Oposums, and Sloths are also common in the area but hard to observe. There is also evidence of an Ocelot (detected by trail cameras) in the Balso River.

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  • Environmental Community Conservation Volunteer Project, Peru

    Help communities conserve their local environments in the Cusco region of Peru by supporting planting and reforestation projects. At this project, volunteers assist families in different communities located outside of the city of Cusco. The focus is environmental conservation through tree planting in different districts of the Cusco region. The project will provide support to the farmers, who develop their own planting and reforestation projects. In the field, the team of coordinators and peasant experts will support and guide the volunteer.

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  • Elephant Volunteer Project, India

    The project rescues a number of orphaned, injured, and displaced wildlife found in cities and locations from wherever they are forced to work in India. As a volunteer with wildlife in India, you will have the opportunity to assist with the conservation and support of elephants at the project’s ethical rescue centres. Typical duties with the elephants include chopping fruit, feeding them, and going on walks.

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  • Elephant Sanctuary Volunteer Project, Cambodia

    An opportunity to volunteer with elephants at an Elephant Sanctuary in the forests of Mondulkiri, located in remote Eastern Cambodia.

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  • Dolphin Research Project, Greece

    Become a marine conservation volunteer and participate in dolphin research in the Ionian Sea, helping to provide a marine environment that provides long term viability for dolphin species.

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  • Volunteer at the Jane Goodall Chimpanzee Sanctuary in South Africa

    Volunteer at the Jane Goodall chimpanzee sanctuary in South Africa. A chance to experience these amazing endangered species up close and contribute to chimp rescue and conservation efforts.

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  • Wildlife Rescue Field Research Crash Course, Costa Rica

    Our 2 week Field Research Crash Course will help you gain introductory practical training in field research, with an emphasis on building skills in observational data collection on wild and rehabilitated local species. This course is most suitable for students at an early undergraduate level who have a keen interest, but little experience, in field biology and conservation, and those who wish to gain a rich knowledge about Costa Rica’s wildlife and conservation efforts.

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