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  • Conservation Volunteer Project, Spain

    This project offers volunteers who enjoy the outdoors the chance to take part in projects undertaken in the Valencia region aimed at the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems from degradation, the improvement of water resources, the prevention of forest fires, the reforestation of the land with native species and the conservation of natural habitats and species in danger of extinction.

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  • Dolphin & Whale Research Volunteer Project, Portugal

    Volunteer in Portugal and support Dolphin & Whale Conservation and Research whilst exploring the Algarve coastline.

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  • Coral Farming Intern, Mauritius

    Volunteer in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and take part in a coral reef monitoring and marine conservation programme. Become the Coral Farming Intern and be responsible for all aspects of the coral farming program in the beautiful Blue Bay Marine Park, while also getting the chance to be involved in a variety of other projects on site. Interns can join the project for between 2 and 5 months throughout the year.

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  • Community Development Environmental Volunteer Programme, Brazil

    The programme combines work at a community vegetable garden in a local neighbourhood (favela) and the Tijuca National Park. In the favela, the work can include gardening, cleaning, digging, planting etc. together with a group of gardeners. Volunteers help the gardeners and have the chance to experience favela life.

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  • Environmental Community Conservation Volunteer Project, Peru

    Help communities conserve their local environments in the Cusco region of Peru by supporting planting and reforestation projects. At this project, volunteers assist families in different communities located outside of the city of Cusco. The focus is environmental conservation through tree planting in different districts of the Cusco region. The project will provide support to the farmers, who develop their own planting and reforestation projects. In the field, the team of coordinators and peasant experts will support and guide the volunteer.

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  • California Conservation Volunteer Project

    An opportunity to volunteer all across National Parks and Nature Reserves throughout California, whilst gaining experience in ecological restoration and conservation work.

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  • Inca Archaeology Volunteer project in Huyro, Peru

    Join the Inca Archaeology project and help uncover the secrets of historical sites around the famous Machu Picchu! At the Inca Archaeology project, volunteers will assist with work in the centre of Huyro, district of Huayopata, which belongs to the buffer zone of the archaeological park of Machu Picchu. Here archaeological remains are still being investigated, and volunteers support the excavations in the area, help with the cleaning and conservation of parks, and assist in the enhancement of the parks in the area.

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  • Elephant Volunteer Project, India

    The project rescues a number of orphaned, injured, and displaced wildlife found in cities and locations from wherever they are forced to work in India. As a volunteer with wildlife in India, you will have the opportunity to assist with the conservation and support of elephants at the project’s ethical rescue centres. Typical duties with the elephants include chopping fruit, feeding them, and going on walks.

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  • Coral Reef Conservation & Diving Project, Thailand

    Join a marine and coral reef conservation project on Koh Phangan island in Thailand’s Samui archipelago.

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  • San Bushmen Medical Programme, Namibia

    As a volunteer on the San Bushmen Medical Programme, you will help provide primary healthcare to the local community and surrounding area in which around 500 San and Herero people live. Around 80% of the patients treated are San. The San are considered to be the oldest culture in the world and currently live in extreme poverty. Often suffering from malnutrition, disease, discrimination and abuse the San Bushmen Programme is providing a lifeline to this community through healthcare and education.

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