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  • Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Programme, Costa Rica

    Help to conserve and protect the populations of vulnerable Olive Ridleys. The project takes place in the spectacular Pacific coast of the Nicoya Province on the beach where Olive Ridley turtles come up in thousands at a time for this phenomenon of nature called "arribadas".

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  • Dog Shelter Volunteer Project, Peru

    Volunteer at the dog shelter in Cusco, Peru and be part of the effort to save, rehabilitate and rehome as many local stray dogs as possible. The project has already helped rescue and rehome over 3000 dogs but needs volunteers to continue helping as many strays as possible. Volunteers can join the project for 2 weeks up to 6 months and have the option of staying with a home-stay family or in shared apartments. Volunteers can look forward to tasks such as; improving the shelter itself, going out on the streets to rescue sick/pregnant street dogs, going to the veterinarian and even assisting in medical campaigns in the communities around Cusco and helping to educate people about how to treat their pets

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  • Dolphin & Whale Conservation Volunteer Programme, Italy

    The research focuses on the spectacularly large fin whale as well as on sperm whales, Risso’s dolphins, pilot whales, striped and bottlenose dolphins.

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  • Medical Placement Volunteers, Maldives

    The Medical Placement Programme is an opportunity for young medical students to join the staff of a small hospital, where they are able to shadow the hospital’s medical staff in the everyday treatment of the island’s patients. The hospital is situated on Naifaru Island which has a population of over 5000 people. Aside from giving volunteers the opportunity to explore a range of medical issues, as a medical volunteer, you will also be given the opportunity to go on house calls which is a great way to experience the local culture.

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  • Kariega Big Five Game Reserve Volunteer Programme, South Africa

    Become a Wildlife Conservation Volunteer in a Big Five Game Reserve in South Africa, and get involved in elephant, rhino and lion monitoring programmes.

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  • Bottlenose Dolphin Research Volunteer Project, Croatia

    The Bottlenose Dolphin Volunteer Project is a long-term study on the ecology and conservation of bottlenose dolphins in the area surrounding Cres and Lošinj islands, in Croatia.

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  • Statia Sea Turtle Volunteer Programme, St. Eustatius

    Volunteer in the Dutch Caribbean on the stunning island of St. Eustatius, and join the St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation and help to protect and conserve their National and Marine Parks. You will have the opportunity to spend time doing various conservation volunteer projects across the parks including those which help protect local sea turtle populations.

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  • Human Activity Monitoring Intern, Mauritius

    Volunteer in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and take part in a coral reef monitoring and marine conservation programme. Become the Human Activity Monitoring Intern and be responsible for all tracking and recording illegal fishing activity in the beautiful Blue Bay Marine Park, while also getting the chance to be involved in a variety of other projects on site. Interns can join the project for between 2 and 5 months throughout the year.

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  • Giant Tortoise Conservation Volunteer, Galapagos

    As a Galapagos Tortoise conservation volunteer, you will work with the Galapagos National Park as a member of the staff at the Tortoise Breeding Center. Volunteer tasks will include; Feeding and caring for the tortoises, as well as maintaining their enclosure, Assisting the zookeepers and Working directly with the public to educate tourists by informing them of the rules and regulations designed to keep the tortoises safe and the habitats intact.

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  • Wildlife Rescue Field Research Crash Course, Costa Rica

    Our 2 week Field Research Crash Course will help you gain introductory practical training in field research, with an emphasis on building skills in observational data collection on wild and rehabilitated local species. This course is most suitable for students at an early undergraduate level who have a keen interest, but little experience, in field biology and conservation, and those who wish to gain a rich knowledge about Costa Rica’s wildlife and conservation efforts.

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