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  • Elephant Sanctuary Volunteer Project, Cambodia

    An opportunity to volunteer with elephants at an Elephant Sanctuary in the forests of Mondulkiri, located in remote Eastern Cambodia.

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  • Ocean Spirits Leatherback Sea Turtle Volunteer Project, Grenada

    Volunteer in the Caribbean as a Research Assistant and take part in leatherback sea turtle monitoring, research, and community outreach programmes on the island of Grenada.

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  • Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Programme in Indonesia

    Volunteer in Indonesia with rescued wildlife such as Orangutans at a Wildlife Rescue Centre in North Sulawesi. The centre is located in a regional wildlife trafficking hotspot, and animals from all over the vast Indonesian archipelago have suffered this trade route.

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  • Coastal and Marine Conservation Volunteer, Spain

    Volunteers can discover the unique flora and fauna of the Montgo Natural Park with more than 650 different plant species; the Marine Reserve of Cape San Antonio, corals, Posidonia oceanica meadows and a wide range of wildlife. It’s also a unique place to see whales and dolphins from springtime to autumn (if you are very lucky!). Coastal & marine conservation volunteers will also experience the Pego Wetland Natural Park, where volunteers will find a great diversity of birds and endemic vegetation in one of the most amazing places in Spain.

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  • Playa Tortuga Crocodilian Monitoring Volunteer Programme, Costa Rica

    Work on the Playa Tortuga reserve, Costa Rica, where the main objective of this study is to collect real information about the Crocodilians at the Reserve area: their distribution, relationship with the environment and the human impact on the ecosystem. Do an initial profile of the population, in order to help the conservation and management of this species adding new information about its condition in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

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  • Playa Tortuga Butterfly Garden Volunteering Project, Costa Rica

    The objectives of the Butterfly Garden project is the investigation of native species of butterflies (Siproeta stelenes, Caligo memnon, Heraclides thoas, Dryas iulia) in the reserve and all aspects of their reproductive cycle and plant foods. Environmental education workshops will also take place, whereby members of the local community will visit the garden and volunteers will help to conduct educational tours and classes. Volunteers can also help to develop workshops for local schools.

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  • Sea Search Killer Whale Research Internship, South Africa

    Interns will be involved in all aspects of data collection, helping the Sea Search team and our collaborators to track down these fast moving top predators through a combination of boat surveys, shore based monitoring and responding to sighting reports. Research focuses on collecting skin samples for use in global genetic and trophic ecology studies, attachment of satellite transmitters to study movements and photo-identification data to study the population size and individual movements. We will also be collecting acoustic recordings of animals and deploying moored hydrophones for long-term monitoring.

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  • Galena Creek Visitor Center Internship, Nevada

    Internship positions available to assist with environmental education on the forest and urban interface between Reno, Nevada and the Sierra Nevada mountains, with special emphasis on the unique ecology of Galena Creek Park

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  • Bear Sanctuary Volunteer Project, Cambodia

    Volunteer in Cambodia at a bear sanctuary inside a large wildlife rescue centre near Phnom Penh.

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  • Dolphin & Whale Research Volunteer Project, Portugal

    Volunteer in Portugal and support Dolphin & Whale Conservation and Research whilst exploring the Algarve coastline.

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