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Agriculturist, The Gambia

Organisation: VSO

Country: Gambia

Type: Agriculture & Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Agriculturist, The Gambia

This is a two year placement to build the capacity of NATC (Njawara Agricultural Training Centre).  The placement is part of a capacity building project “Enhancing Farm Level Production and Marketing of Agricultural Products” submitted to the World Bank for funding. The project’s aim is to enhance the business capacity of micro-small-medium enterprises through agricultural production, productivity and marketing. This is planned to be done through increased agricultural (crop and horticultural production) and marketing targeting both local and international investors.  

What does the role involve?
This placement is to support the following objectives:

  • To support NATC to improve crop production techniques and practices for increased quality production
  • To support NATC to develop crop marketing strategy through contract farming/out-growers schemes for increase income of members

  The likely roles of the volunteer are broadly stated below:

  • Training of staff to improve technical skills in crop production techniques and practices 
  • Training of staff on adaptation methods in agricultural production to respond to changing weather conditions
  • Assist NATC to grow crops that meets private sector needs in terms of quality and volume
  • Assist NATC to develop contract farming/out-grower schemes for marketing of crops produce


Skills, qualifications and experience required
  • Should possess a Bachelors Degree in Biological Sciences, Natural Resource Management or related fields
  • At least two years work experiences in the field on crop production and management – particularly groundnuts, mangoes and vegetables
  • Skills for agricultural adaption farming techniques would be desirable
  • Should have teamwork spirit and mentoring skills to mentor junior staff on the job
  • Experience is agri-business management and marketing would be desirable
  • Training skills to train staff and farmers in the field 
  • Must have ability to clearly express oneself in English and write provide accurate reports both orally and verbally
  • Should have the ability to work in a team, can supervise and transfer skills to other staff
  • Must have high degree of patience and tolerance. Must be adaptive to poorly resourced rural conditions

And the rest…

NATC is located in Njawara which is about 60km away from the capital city in the urban area. It’s a typical rural setting with few shops for purchase of food and other items. 

We’ll ask you to commit to at least 24 months to make a sustainable contribution to our development goals. In return, we’ll give you comprehensive financial, personal and professional support. Where we’ll provide you with extensive training before your placement, and our financial package includes a local living allowance, return flights, accommodation, insurance and more. When you return to your home country, we'll support you to resettle. 

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