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Avian Rehabilitation Internship

Organisation: Belize Bird Rescue

Country: Belize

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Avian Rehabilitation Internship

Belize Bird Rescue is the country’s only avian rescue and rehabilitation centre, a registered non-profit and non-governmental organisation working closely with the Belize’s Forest Department. BBR deals with all species of indigenous birds, with a primarily focus on the rehabilitation and release of Amazon parrots liberated from the illegal pet trade.

We encounter many baby parrots during the breeding season (March to August) and adult parrots arrive all year round as Forest Department confiscations or owner surrenders.  

Other more common intakes include young barn owls evicted from roof spaces; pygmy owls who are notorious for nesting in unstable trees; downed migratory seabirds such as pelicans and cormorants; nestling garden birds dislodged by storms or clear-cutting of bush; toucans; and many other species of raptors, passerines and water-birds.

Interns would gain practical, hands-on experience in:  parrot care, behaviour, husbandry, diet and nutrition; introductions and flock-building;  rehabilitation and handling techniques for many species of birds; diagnostics and avian medical care; enclosure maintenance; record keeping; rescues; education presentations.

Belize is an English-speaking country although Spanish is widely spoken. Interns live on-site and are expected to work 6 days per week. The busy season is March to September, but there is ample work all year around. The centre is located on a private reserve 3 miles from Belmopan. All meals are provided but there are regular trips to town for any luxury items. The accommodation is of the ‘home-stay’ type and interns live and work alongside the Founder/Directors and local staff.

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  • Avian Rehabilitation Internship

    A rare opportunity to work with indigenous Amazon parrots liberated from the illegal pet trade, as well as all species of wild birds found in Belize. Parrot rehabilitation for release can take up to 2 years and involves dedicated efforts in diet, nutrition, flock-building, husbandry and enclosure maintenance. Interns will live on site in a home-stay environment and be expected to contribute to all aspects of the rehabilitation process for every species at the centre, including barn owls and other raptors, pelicans, toucans and many passerine species. Belize is an English speaking country.

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