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Biodynamic farming in Kathmandu Valley

Organisation: Kevin rohan Memorial Eco Foundation

Country: Nepal


Biodynamic farming in Kathmandu Valley

The biodynamic farming method takes a holistic, ecological approach to agriculture by focusing on improving soil fertility to produce healthier plants and, in turn, healthier individuals. Like organic farming, it uses natural composts as opposed to artificial chemicals. However the biodynamic method strives to create a balanced ecosystem within the soil itself, which enhances the nutrition, quality, and flavour of the food being grown. You can come and help in the fields and gardens, in beekeeping and in tending our cows and chicken.

You don't need to have experience in gardening, agriculture or biology – all helping hands are welcomed since we believe that everyone has something to offer! Volunteers have the chance to share their ideas and suggest themselves on what work to focus on each day. We don't want you to get bored! You can also take part in and get to know our other projects; natural building, handicraft and jewelry workshop, eco-café or the creation of alternative and sustainable energy resources.

Usually we work 6 days a week from 10 to 17, with a lunch break in the middle. Evenings and Saturdays are freetime. However, the schedule is very flexible.

We offer our volunteers shared accommodation (2-3 beds per room) in our beautiful bottle buildings with wifi, hot shower and three traditional vegetarian Nepali meals a day. In exchange for this we ask 20$/day, or on stays longer than 4 weeks 15$/day.

Welcome to join the KRMEF family!

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  • Biodynamic farming in Kathmandu Valley

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