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Business Consultant to Support Social Enterprises in Uganda

Organisation: The Great Generation

Country: Uganda

Type: Humanitarian & Community Development

Business Consultant to Support Social Enterprises in Uganda

24% of the population in Uganda lives on less than $2 per day.  Many of the local organisations focused on tackling this issue are stranded by the unpredictability of international aid & donations, and are looking to take the matter in their own hands by starting social business ventures.

11th – 23rd July 2016 – a group of senior professionals, graduates and business school students will design and run a project for up to five local organisations from Kampala, Uganda.  These organisations come from the poorest areas in the city, and work hard to look after the poorest and most vulnerable in the community. 

Training – You will be prepared for your two weeks in Uganda by a Project Leader from The Great Generation who is a former ground consultant, knows the Ugandan reality well and is a senior business leader.

On-the-Ground – After an initial briefing about culture and life in Uganda participants will take part in a three-day-forum with all participating local organizations to meet, learn, identify recurrent issues and define capacity priorities. The next few days will give opportunity to observe and engage with the work the organisations do, and meet the ultimate beneficiaries of the project. 

Monday of the second week will see the group working directly with the community-based organisations and the individuals they support, collaborating as a multi-skilled team to implement the capacity needed for each business to move forward.


Please contact us for further information and costs involved. Project details subject to change.

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