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Carnivore Conservation Research

Organisation: Wildlife Conservation Research Solutions South Afr

Country: South Africa

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Carnivore Conservation Research

Research & Management:

  • Our research focus in this system will be based around the questions and considerations that arise from management interventions in wildlife reserves, along with human impact and management of populations.
  • We are especially interested in game densities and distributions and their relationship to natural predators in this system.  
  • Through data collection we aim to inform management decisions that promote the coexistence of large carnivores with human livelihoods.  
  • We also have expertise in the ecology of small mammals and are keen to explore further these often overlooked species groups.

Teaching & Learning:

  • We have developed extensive university-level and general interest lecture series covering topics such as conservation theory, game farm management and wildlife protection and research techniques.
  • These subjects can be tailored depending upon the interests and expertise of the volunteers.
  • We are happy to provide support to volunteers planning their own research projects and dissertations. 

The volunteers’ responsibilities:

  • Data collection for reserve management and research; we are establishing long-term monitoring of game and predator populations on the reserve, monitoring of vegetation plots, along with additional surveys of birds and small mammals. As the project progresses we will also include specifically targeted projects such as behavioural observations and camera-trap surveys.
  • There will be duties of data entry and management, and for those volunteers that are interested opportunities to engage in data analysis.
  • Volunteers will also have the chance to participate in reserve management activities such as bush-clearance, road construction, and fence maintenance.

Other Projects by this Organisation

  • Carnivore Conservation Research

    We collect field data on large carnivores in private reserves to inform conservation-sensitive management policies that promote human-carnivore co-existence. We have recently become involved with the management of a wildlife reserve and are becoming further integrated into the reserve management system as we collect ecological information to optimise management to ensure healthy and functional living systems for endangered species, especially carnivores such as cheetah, leopard and brown hyaena. We are a field-based project and train volunteers in how to safely work in big-game areas, and include practical skills training such as tracking, and bushcraft.

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