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Chiang Mai Elephant Rehabilitation

Organisation: Global Volunteer Network

Country: Thailand

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Chiang Mai Elephant Rehabilitation

Volunteer in the lush mountain forests of Northern Thailand and spend each day in the forest with elephants rescued from a life of servitude to tourists. Thanks to local and volunteer efforts these gentle giants now live natural lives in Chiang Mai Province, an area famous for its traditional elephant keeping communities.

Learn about elephant behavior and contribute directly to the elephants’ lives – because by providing an alternative income for the owners, mahouts (elephant keepers) and local villagers, volunteers like you allow the elephants to be rehabilitated and re-discover their natural instincts.

Volunteer Impact:

Most of the animals residing at the sanctuary were maltreated before they arrived here, suffering from abuse, malnutrition, neglect and improper care, rescued from the illegal pet trade, or have previously been exploited for the tourism industry. Many of the animals arrive with permanent disabilities and hence, cannot be returned to the wild. The centre's mission is to give these animals the best quality of life possible in captivity.

Program Schedule:

Placements are available year round starting on every 2nd Saturday of the month.

Program Requirements:

As a volunteer you must:

  • be in good physical condition, be able to walk long distances and be able to tolerate heat;
  • be 18 years old or over
  • be able to speak English
  • be able to work without assistance
  • be able to work well with others and adapt to group living
  • obtain a satisfactory police check from your home country prior to volunteering

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