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Conservation in Australia

Organisation: Changing Worlds

Country: Australia

Type: Agriculture & Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Conservation in Australia

The projects in Australia are varied and could see you volunteering as a  Zookeeper, or planting trees or looking after injured Kangaroos. All of the roles will see you playing a vital part in the conservation of Australia's countryside and wildlife.

A volunteer zookeeper will shadow a permanent member of staff and assist them with all of their daily activities, this could include cleaning enclosures, feeding animals, greeting guests to the zoo and leading educational talks about conservation in Australia. This will be a unique experience and allow you to interact with some of Australia's native animals. It will look great on your CV too.

An environmental conservation volunteer can find themselves shadowing a local ranger and assisting to plant native trees to Australia, building important infrastructure, picking up litter, searching for injured wildlife. This will be a varied role that will keep you on your toes and will be invaluable to protecting Australia's natural ecosystems.

The wild Animal Rescue Centre aims to help wildlife who have been injured through road accidents, animal attacks of natural disasters such as bushfires. Volunteers will help to feed the animals, clean enclosures, monitor injuries, search for injured animals and much more. This will be a fantastic experience and one you will never forget.

Prices for these projects begin at £895 for 2 weeks but will vary between projects and will increase with the duration of the trip. Contact us to find out more.

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