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Construction and Woodworking volunteers

Organisation: Peru Luz de Esperanza-Volunteer in Peru

Country: Peru

Type: Agriculture & Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Conservation, Humanitarian & Community Development, Manual work & Construction

Construction and Woodworking volunteers

We are extremely proud of our school. It has been built with effort, goodwill, energy and a lot of sweat. We recognize that there is still much to be done to make the building fully fit for its purpose. We hope to continue improving the facilities, enabling our ongoing development as a social hub for the entire local community

As a volunteer you can build;

  • Tables and chairs for poor families who would normally sit on the ground or on bricks.
  • Beds for poor families who would normally sleep on the ground.
  • Playgrounds at schools to provide a place for recreation and enhance physical and motor skills.
  • Furniture for our school.

You can bring your own tools to do your work more easily. Here we have basic tools, please, coordinate with Nilton to know what tools we have. (Note that electric power is 220V)

In addition to the basic classrooms we plan to equip spaces better to teach craft skills, cookery and healthcare. We are also keen to expand the playground in order to provide a better place for recreation and thus enhance children physical and motor skills.

We will always continue to improve the facilities of our school as resources and expertise permit. Volunteers with trade skills in carpentry, plumbing and electrics can make a fantastic difference.

If you have a lot of energy, and, most important, the desire to do something for our school, this is your opportunity. For the time being, we need to build a staircase to access the school, to paint the walls of the classrooms, to flatten some slopes and pour concrete in order to create more space for the kids to play outside. If you wish to bring some tools from your country to facilitate your work, there is no problem with that.

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