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  • Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute - Forest Conservation

    Madagascar boasts an array of distinct ecosystems and unique wildlife with 92% of its mammals, 95% of its reptiles, 89% of its flora and 60% of its birds are found nowhere else on earth. Madagascar has lost around 90% of its natural forest habitat due to the rise in demand for timber, agricultural land and mining. This has led to a vast loss of native forest and fragmentation of habitats. At MRCI we study the diversity and abundance of forest and wildlife species to identify changes in forest dynamics, populations, habitat health and to identify potential localised threats

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  • Lemur Research & Biodiversity Monitoring

    Research and conserve some of the world’s most endangered species, protect rapidly diminishing forest areas, gain valuable research skills and work in some of the most biologically diverse areas in the world

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  • Mangrove Fisheries Monitoring Volunteer

    Honko Mangrove Conservation & Education, an NGO working with communities in SW Madagascar to promote community-based mangrove management, has volunteer openings to assist with our new mangrove fisheries monitoring project in Ambondrolava, SW Madagascar. This new initiative will provide Honko and the local management association with crucial information about the current state of Ambondrolava’s mangrove fisheries, which play an important role in both ecosystem services and local livelihoods, through analysis of local catches and household surveys. The volunteer will oversee data collection with local fishermen, data entry and management, and protocol development in collaboration with Honko staff.

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  • Mangrove Ecosystem Monitoring Volunteer Program

    Since 2008, Honko has worked with the mangroves and local communities of Ambondrolava in southwest Madagascar to protect this unique ecosystem and help the community develop alternative sources of income to reduce human pressures on the forest. To monitor our community-based restoration and management efforts, Honko’s Volunteer Mangrove Ecosystem Monitoring Program provides the NGO with crucial data that informs our current projects, allowing us to adapt or expand on our projects to ensure we have the greatest possible impact on Ambondrolava’s mangrove and local community.

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  • Azafady - Pioneer Madagascar

    Through Pioneer Madagascar, volunteers can experience working with a grass-roots organisation combating the problems of extensive deforestation and extreme poverty on the unique island of Madagascar.

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  • Join award winning volunteering organisation Blue Ventures in Madagascar

    On an expedition with Blue Ventures (winner of the Best Volunteering Award in the British Youth Travel Awards 2012) volunteers can help with research and conservation projects while learning to dive and getting to know the special culture and landscape of the island of Madagascar.

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  • Volunteer research assistants in Kianjavato, Madagascar

    Volunteers will participate in two important conservation efforts: habitat restoration and lemur monitoring. During a 12-week tenure, volunteer cohorts will spend half their time monitoring lemurs and half their time participating in the community-based reforestation effort. 

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  • Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute - Marine Conservation

    MRCI's Marine program involves a variety of projects focused on the protection of the marine ecosystem surrounding our Nosy Komba Turtle Cove Research Centre. We work in collaboration with a number of oceanographic organisations to gather vital raw data, monitoring change and finding ways to prevent long term damage to habitats and ecosystems.

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