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  • Rural Community Volunteer Project, Nepal

    Volunteer in Nepal to participate in several community projects in locations throughout Nepal. These projects are aimed at promoting environmental conservation, cultural exchange and tackling healthcare issues.

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  • Stunning Wilderness Experience in Nepal – Educational Himalaya Trekking

    You always wanted to explore Nepal's unique landscapes with its stunning Himalaya mountain range? You are passionate about the outdoors, especially about hiking?

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  • Biodynamic farming in Kathmandu Valley

    Volunteers from all around the world are welcome to learn about and help in biodynamic farming activities at Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation. Biodynamic farming is a sustainable and ecological agricultural solution - come and learn with us how it is done!

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  • Natural building in Kathmandu Valley

    Volunteer in an eco-building project, using glass bottles to build a better future! Our approach to architecture is to build with what is at hand. Building materials are all natural or recycled products that are locally available. Glass bottles, which would otherwise be disposed of in the streets, are recycled to serve as bricks which are both strong and decorative. As a result, these eco-buildings are much cheaper to construct, and follow a flexible structural system which will sway but is less likely to break during an earthquake. Come and join the work!

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  • Micro Finance Rural Development Internship in Nepal

    Micro-finance Internships in Nepal help you to understand the deeper prospective of how Micro-finance has been helping rural communities in Nepal Villages.

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  • Microfinance Internships in Asia

    Our Microfinance development Internship in Asia is a very interesting internship opportunity in Asia for those who seek to gain professional and practical experiences; working in the Microfinance sector.

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  • Spay, Neuter and Release dogs in Nepal

    There are more than 20,000 street dogs in Kathmandu, and over 35,000 in the Kathmandu Valley. In addition to problems associated with overpopulation, these dogs pose a real health threat to the residents of Nepal through rabies transmission and dog bites.

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  • Earthbag Building

    The Good Earth Global experience in Nepal combines hands-on eco-building with a close-up introduction to daily village life, all in the shadows of the mighty Himalayas. You’ll experience first-hand the rhythms and customs of rural Nepali, and also build safe, sturdy structures in a country still reeling from a catastrophic earthquake. The structures you build will serve local communities for generations to come, and stand long after you’re gone.

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  • Agriculture volunteer program in Nepal

    If you are interested to know about organic farming training and techniques, get involved in agriculture volunteer in organic farms in Nepal. Our volunteer abroad programs are designed to promote organic farming and benefits of sustainable farming between farmers. Students, researchers, individuals and organic food consumers.

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  • Environmental and Conservation Volunteer Program

    Collaborate with the local rural community and international volunteers to conduct major research, promote sustainable, profitable practices to meet environmental challenges while experiencing Nepal’s Colorful culture.

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