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  • Medicine in Tanzania

    Volunteers on our Medical placement in Tanzania will gain a great deal of valuable work-experience alongside some of the most skilled doctors in the country. You will find yourself working in both small health clinics and large government hospitals.

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  • Medical Elective on the Tropical Island of Zanzibar

    Are you a student of medicine, nursing or physiotherapy and would you like to gain practical work experience abroad? Join our elective and internship program in Zanzibar where you can assist local doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and midwifes at their work at the island’s largest hospital. Dive into the local culture and get to know the Zanzibar's medical system!

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  • Sea Turtle Conservation & Creative Recycling in Zanzibar

    Become a volunteer in this exciting conservation project and help to save the endangered sea turtles in Zanzibar from extinction! Moreover, you will help to raise awareness for the island's growing plastic waste problem among locals by creating useful items for everyday life from recycled materials. The best part? You will live at one of the most beautiful beaches of the entire Island! Join our group of dedicated volunteers from all over the world!

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  • Mother Nature Environmental Conservation Camp in Zanzibar

    Would you like to join a diverse conservation project in a tropical rain forest? Our Mother Nature Conservation Camp offers you a wide range of possibilities: Marine turtles, Red Colobus monkeys, reptiles and environmental education for children… Become an environmental conservation volunteer in Zanzibar and join our group of motivated volunteers from around the world!

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  • Volunteer in Tanzania with Love Volunteers Animal Welfare Program

    This wonderful program works in a number of ways to raise awareness of and stop the abuse and neglect of animals, while also providing hands-on care for animals in need.

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  • Care for animals & promote Animal Welfare in Arusha, Tanzania

    Animals are perceived differently in Tanzania, not as pets but rather they have to fulfil a use. Street dogs and cats are often in poor condition. Arusha has a big problem with street dogs, they multiply uncontrolled, lacking food, health and care. That why the Animal Shelter Mbwa wa Africa (takes care of dogs & cats) and the Meru Animal Welfare Organization (MAWO, takes care of dogs, cats & donkeys) were founded.

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  • Support Health Centers in Arusha

    Project Overland offers medical placement opportunities to those wishing to spend time in medical facilities in the Arusha. Interested volunteers must be enrolled in school and actively studying in the field of medicine or possess certification of successful completion. Whether you have completed your studies and want to contribute your time to a medical facility in our area, study abroad, or enhance your resume with this experience of a lifetime, we are here to support you!

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