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  • Coral Reef Conservation & Diving Project, Thailand

    Join a marine and coral reef conservation project on Koh Phangan island in Thailand’s Samui archipelago.

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  • Elephant Volunteer Project, Thailand

    Volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary and home for old elephants in Mae Chaem, situated in the lush countryside of Northern Thailand. Help to give elephants a chance to live free.

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  • Friends of the Asian Elephant

    Friends of the Asian Elephant is a foundation, established in Thailand, that works to protect and look after the Thai elephants

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  • Volunteer in Thailand with Elephants, Bears and Wildlife

    Volunteer at our animal sanctuary in central Thailand and choose from three different projects. Or stay a bit longer and do them all!

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  • Sea turtle conservation in Thailand

    Our sea turtle conservation project has been running for over 20 years on Phra Thong Island in Thailand. We focus on in-situ protection of the sea turtle nests on the beaches of Koh Phra Thong and Ko Ra, but the project has many other activities like reef survey, turtle behavioral observation, environmental education and awareness and other wildlife surveys.

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  • Voluntary Work in Thailand – Protecting Stray Dogs and Cats on Ko Lanta

    Ko Lanta was severely affected by the tsunami from 2004, but thanks to the extensive restoration work, there is very little damage to be seen today.

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  • Volunteer in Thailand with Love Volunteers Medical Internships Program

    This exciting program offers Medical Internships for medical students in a number of notable private and public full-service hospitals in Bangkok.

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  • Elephant Care in Thailand.

    Elephants are in trouble in Thailand. Not only is the wild elephant population decreasing due to habitat loss and poaching, but domestic elephants are also in danger.

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  • Mae Lao River Conservation Project

    The Mae Lao Headwater area is a fragile ecosystem; and deforestation in this area can be damaging to the whole watershed. Many countries have lost their forest cover in recent years. Thailand is no exception especially in the northern part of the river, the trees in the mountain area are nearly all gone.

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  • Rescue Paws Thailand

    We are a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of stray animals in Thailand. We started as a simple feeding program in 2013 and have grown exponentially where we now have the ability to coordinate and conduct sterilizations, vaccinations, parasite treatment, vet care and rehabilitation for abandoned, mistreated stray animals.

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  • Thai Island Dog and Cat Shelter

    Help provide care for stray dogs and cats on one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands.

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  • Chiang Mai Elephant Rehabilitation

    Live and Work Amongst the Giants of the Forest in Thailand

    Volunteer in an elephant rehabilitation program; monitoring and researching animal behavior and well-being.

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  • Diving & Marine Conservation in Thailand

    Our Diving & Marine Conservation Project in Thailand takes place along the beautiful Andaman Sea coast near Ao Nang. It is perfect for anyone interested in marine biology, environmental issues, preserving our eco-systems and protecting the planet. The main aim of this project is to protect and rehabilitate Thailand's coral reefs, marine eco-systems and tropical forests, whilst helping keep the indigenous fish, animals and birds that live there from becoming endangered.

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  • Thai Island Domestic Veterinarians

    Volunteer at our Thai island shelter and use your veterinary skills to provide medical care for homeless dogs and cats.

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  • Naja Research Project

    Here at Sakaerat Bio Reserve Research Centre, Thailand.  We are undertaking exciting and pioneering research involving spatial ecology and conservation of Naja kaouthia and Naja siamensis.   Following continued growth of our target sample, an exciting opportunity for more volunteers has arisen. Previous experience in herpetology and more specifically Cobras is an obvious advantage, however all training will be provided.

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