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  • Nature’s Valley Conservation Education Volunteers, South Africa

    Join this hands-on Volunteer Programme and help protect the environmental integrity of Nature’s Valley. Volunteers will gain experience in a wide range of skills whilst getting an insight into life as a conservationist in Africa. Become a conservation education volunteer and take part in a grassroots project that brings real change to communities and how they see the natural resources they use. This is an opportunity to engage local school children, project partners, conservation professionals and the local community.

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  • The Great African Sea Forest Marine Volunteer Programme, South Africa

    Volunteers will be involved in citizen science initiatives where you will join biologists on snorkel trips observing and monitoring endemic fish and shark species along the Cape Peninsula, and collecting data and taking Photo IDs of the small shy shark species. You will be given presentations on the various work involved; including biological talks such […]

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  • Sea Search Whale & Dolphin Research Volunteer Programme, South Africa

    Based in Muizenberg, Cape Town (South Africa) our research mainly focuses on the cetacean species in False Bay. Long term volunteers/ students can join the project at any time throughout the year but are expected to join the team for a minimum of 2 months up to a maximum of 6 months in duration. If your university requires you to undertake a short research project, we can help devise the project through discussion with team leaders who would then supervise your project. During this time you would mainly be involved with data processing and analysis with ad hoc fieldwork that contributes to our current projects.

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  • Kariega Big Five Game Reserve Volunteer Programme, South Africa

    Become a Wildlife Conservation Volunteer in a Big Five Game Reserve in South Africa, and get involved in elephant, rhino and lion monitoring programmes.

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  • Volunteer at the Jane Goodall Chimpanzee Sanctuary in South Africa

    Volunteer at the Jane Goodall chimpanzee sanctuary in South Africa. A chance to experience these amazing endangered species up close and contribute to chimp rescue and conservation efforts.

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  • Sea Search Killer Whale Research Internship, South Africa

    Interns will be involved in all aspects of data collection, helping the Sea Search team and our collaborators to track down these fast moving top predators through a combination of boat surveys, shore based monitoring and responding to sighting reports. Research focuses on collecting skin samples for use in global genetic and trophic ecology studies, attachment of satellite transmitters to study movements and photo-identification data to study the population size and individual movements. We will also be collecting acoustic recordings of animals and deploying moored hydrophones for long-term monitoring.

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  • Shamwari Game Reserve Conservation Volunteer Programme, South Africa

    The Shamwari Game Reserve Conservation Volunteer Programme offers a once in a lifetime chance to get behind the scenes and involved with the conservation efforts of the Game Reserve. Wildlife conservation volunteers take part in game monitoring, assisting at the Born Free big cat sanctuary, looking after orphaned animals at the wildlife rehabilitation centre and much more. 

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  • Wildlife Reserve Volunteer Programme, South Africa

    Volunteer at a wildlife reserve in South Africa. A true bush experience which gives volunteers a chance to live amongst and help to protect a range of amazing wildlife species.

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  • Nature’s Valley Research Ecology Volunteers, South Africa

    Research volunteers will work on long term ecological projects, experiencing conservation-based research in several different biomes and habitat types including beach, estuary, river, fynbos (shrubland or heathland vegetation), forest and urban areas. This project will give you a range of experience, working with whales, dolphins, fish, aquatic macroinvertebrates, seals, marine birds, primates and more!

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  • Ocean Research Conservation Project, South Africa

    Volunteer with dolphin, seal and whale research in South Africa. Take part in marine conservation, penguin rescue and educational projects along the South African coast.

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  • Veterinary and Conservation Experience, South Africa

    This programme offers veterinary work experience for whether you are applying for the first time, or looking to expand your portfolio. Our courses are carefully designed for vet studies criteria whilst giving you the chance to work on the award-winning Shamwari Game Reserve. The courses give students hands-on experience in the best ways to treat African wildlife.

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  • Big Cat Sanctuary Volunteer Project, South Africa

    Volunteer at an ethical big cat Sanctuary in South Africa. Contribute towards animal welfare whilst learning about the conditions big cats face in captivity and helping to raise awareness of wildlife conservation in South Africa.

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