Ecuador Earthquake Relief

Country: Ecuador,
Type: Humanitarian & Community Development , Manual work / Construction, Medical & Health Care, Working with children,

April 4th 2016, Ecuador was struck by the most powerful earthquake the country has seen since 1949. Hundreds of lives have been lost, thousands have been injured and tens of thousands need emergency shelters.

<span line-height:1.6em"="">Following the  7.8-Magnitude Earthquake the Destruction in Canoa, Ecuador is Unimaginable
A devastating earthquake has hit the Ecuadorian coast. Canoa, Ecuador, a small fishing and tourism community of around 5000 people, has been destroyed. They are fighting for their survival. This catastrophe has resulted in a shortage of water, food, shelter, medical supplies, clothing, shoes, and much more. Those that have lived through the earthquake are now trying to put their lives, homes and businesses back together. This is not a short term project and they will spend years repairing the damage this natural disaster has wrought.


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