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Elephant Volunteer Project, Laos

Organisation: WorkingAbroad Projects

Country: Laos

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Elephant Volunteer Project, Laos

Volunteer at an ethical sanctuary for Elephants in Laos. Experience these iconic species in a beautiful forest setting, where elephants are able to live freely, away from the mass tourist or logging industry in their undisturbed natural environment.

The 7-day volunteering programme is your gateway to feeling like a part of the Elephant Conservation team! It will give you a more in-depth insight into what it takes to look after elephants. During the week, you will share in the life of our staff and learn more about Lao culture. You may even pick up a bit of Lao language!

The core volunteer programme is generally 7 days/6 nights duration with the opportunity to extend your stay. You will start by following the 3-day visitor programme. Then you will be asked to assist us in the Center’s development by participating in projects on site that are happing at the time. Your activities may include things like:

  • Maintenance work (painting, construction, cleaning, gardening)
  • Elephant dung paper making (during the rainy season only)
  • Development of the socialisation area (cleaning, cut grasses around the electric fence, protect the trees etc)
  • Photography and artwork
  • Observing and recording of elephant behaviour
  • Making enrichment tools and materials for the elephants

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